9 Berries – natural frozen yogurt @ Sunway Giza

9 Berries first opened in KL City Walk, Jalan P. Ramlee and my close friend Kevin was a regular and hard core fan ever since. Back then it was only RM4.90 per serving and though he consistently bugged me to try it, I was hardly ever in that vicinity for a chance to do so.

Nine Berries

And yes, if you haven’t figured out by now with the image above, 9 Berries is owned by Koreans. Some labelled it as Korean frozen yogurt but I don’t taste anything Korean about it so I’ll just refer to it as froyo (frozen yogurt) here. :)

Nine Berries-001

Their straightforward menu means ordering is very simple and that reminded me of my favourite froyo outlet – Moo Cow. However, 9 Berries does offer an additional item of waffles of which I have yet to try.

Nine Berries-003

Select your flavour (Green Tea, Mango, Strawberry, etc – please refer menu above) and your choice of toppings. A medium serving goes for RM7.90 and RM9.90 for the large with your choice of 2 toppings. That’s cheap in comparison with other froyo outlets!

Nine Berries-004

Tastewise I’m glad to say that it’s as good as my current favourite; Moo Cow. However I have only sampled the Mango flavour so let me sample the rest first so I can give a more comprehensive review soon. That evening when I was here I just had 6 burgers from Burger Junkyard so I was too stuffed to sample more than a few spoonfuls from Kevin & KC’s order.

Nine Berries-005

But hey, lucky me saw this morning –> Groupon voucher for 9 Berries (http://www.groupon.my/deals/klang-valley-selangor/9-berries/716597567?nlp=&CID=MY_CRM_1_0_0_356&a=715827992) !
So thanks to Groupon’s offer I now have the perfect opportunity to to sample ALL 9 flavours! :)
I’ll be buying this voucher and since redemption starts from 20th December I should be able to sample all flavours by the 1st week of January. Also, Sunway Giza is much nearer for me now as 9 Berries has ceased their KL City Walk operations.
So who’s buying the vouchers? Let me know, perhaps we can visit 9 Berries together over the next week? :)

9 Berries
Lot G11, Ground Floor, Sunway Giza Mall , Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47810

*Pictures taken with the iPhone 5 cos Sony NEX was out of battery!
This is NOT a Groupon advertorial. I just saw the voucher today and since I haven’t blogged about this I thought I’ll publish it together with the Groupon link.  

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Comments ( 10 )

  • sycookies says:

    The fruits looked quite fresh. Those yogurt….are they sweet? I think tutti fruiti is a little sweet.


    rebeccasaw Reply:

    Oh Tutti FRuiti is way too sweet and not worth its price. Try Moo Cow yet? The best I had so far!


  • Sean says:

    Gosh, it’s a bit sad that good outlets like 9 berries are leaving kl city walk. It was a nice concept for a street, but it doesn’t seem to have fared as well as it could have. But here’s hoping 9 berries will find the success it deserves at sunway Giza :d


    rebeccasaw Reply:

    I think it should. The location is pretty good actually. :)


  • Merryn says:

    They are actually ok but putting up Psy and Gangnam just killed it in a bad way. It’s like they are trying too hard to jump into the bandwagon when there is actually nothing in common there :(


    rebeccasaw Reply:

    Haha! Only thing in common would be the fact that 9 Berries is Korean owned! :d


  • Betty says:

    I like it too!


  • Stephanie TYL says:

    Oppa oppa! :)


  • Jamie says:

    their best flavour is Passion Fruit and I think it’s the only place which sells Belgian waffles. was at their old store a year ago and I loved it. would always make trips there whenever I stopped by Pav. now that I am here in Korea I think their price are very reasonable as they are sold for rm20 for a regular cup here =(. try their belgain waffle though, =D, it’s awesome.


    rebeccasaw Reply:

    Hi Jamie! Thanks for the tip! :d
    I’ll definitely go try their waffles soon then, considering good waffles are hard to find in KL! Wow, I had thought this is a one-off shop but didn’t know they have outlets in Korea as well! :)


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