Hostel in Japan: Sakura Hostel @ Asakusa, Japan

When I went to Japan last year, it was by stroke of luck that I got tickets from Data Tony himself on twitter. Happy with such a windfall, the worry of footing my own expenses and accommodation didn’t really hit me til I started researching online.

airasia japan ticket from Dato Tony

Chinese New Year Menu 2013 – Xin Cuisine, Concorde Hotel KL

Gong Xi Gong Xi everyone! :dd
Ok, so that’s a bit premature… but really, after 14 yee sang, one can’t help but feel the CNY mood!

Chinese New Year Menu 2013 - Xin Cuisine, Concorde Hotel KL-001

Chinese New Year Menu 2013: Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL

It’s been a long long while since I stepped into Celestial Court in Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur.

Chinese New Year Celestial Court - sheraton imperial-011

Though it’s a pork free outlet, Celestial Court has always consistently maintained its reputation for stellar Cantonese cuisine. For our sneak preview of the Lunar New Year feast, the Chef has some surprises in store for us, though first impressions from the printed menu didn’t give any inkling of what lies ahead. The menu outlined pretty ordinary items, so I sat back complacently and waited to be fed.

The mahjong tiles inspired a raised eyebrow. Almost forgotten in our modernity, I suddenly had flashbacks of old folks chattering on the top of their voices while loudly shuffling the tiles on the table. There were no mahjong match that night, but I thought these mahjong tiles accompanied by imitation gold ingots makes really good table top decor nonetheless. After all, the mahjong tiles and the gold ingots represent wealth and prosperity, both highly desired attributes for all.

Chinese New Year Celestial Court - sheraton imperial-004

Chinese New Year Menu 2013: Five Sen5es, Westin KL

Formerly known as EEST, Five Sen5es is a non-halal Chinese Restaurant in the heart of Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. This is my 2nd visit to Five Sen5es, the first for dinner to experience their “Five Sensory Rooms” and to sample their ala-carte menu . Tonight would be a preview of their upcoming Chinese New Year offerings.

CNY Menu 2013-Five Sen5es, The Westin KL

Those who prefers a relaxing and intimate dining experience will definitely like this place, as the layout is definitely not your typical chinese restaurant.

CNY Menu 2013-Five Sen5es, The Westin KL-001

Food in Nepal – Day 5 and 6 – Momos, fresh yogurt, thali, bhatura

In continuation of my Nepalese food posts, the below are the last few meals for our last few days in Nepal.

Day 5 Breakfast:

As you already know, breakfast was at our hotel – Royal Singi in Kathmandu city. I had mentioned how much I liked the food and this morning was no exception.

While some items were similar, (which wasn’t pictured here again), there were some that was “new”. And other than potatoes, Nepal do fry very good omelettes  Non-greasy, thick, fluffy and well seasoned. Seriously, some of the American breakfast cafes or even our chinese economica rice stalls should learn a thing or two from them!

Day 5 - Nepal with Air Asia X - RebeccaSaw-001

Food in Nepal – Day 3, 4 – breakfast, Him Thai Restaurant, Cafereena – a multi cuisine restaurant & Chinatown Restaurant

Day 3 started at 4am with no breakfast. Thankfully I had my stash of pastries bought the night before. :P
As you may know, the very next morning in Pokhara we went up to Sarangkot for the breathtaking sunrise. Do take a look at the pictures HERE.

Upon our return, we tucked in our breakfast at Hotel Trek-O-Tel (Pokhara) which was extravagant by Nepalese standards. Other than the usual bread, butter, milk and plain fried eggs, there were pork, stewed cucumbers, dhalls, POTATOES, chappati and thick fluffy scrambled eggs with minced vegetables.

Day 3-  Breakfast.

Day 3 - Nepal with Air Asia X - Rebeccasaw-126