YEAST Boulangerie – Bistro and Bar à Vin @ Telawi Bangsar

The newest and most promising French boulangerie and casual dining outlet commenced operations just last week.

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-030

I first got wind of it when Chef Paul of The Cooking Studio hinted at an upcoming French bakery during my Rachel Allen session just a month back. Chef Paul, who knew about my obsession with breads and desserts had confidently proclaimed that my woes of seeking good European breads here in KL are over.

BELOW: Gruyere Cheese and Smoked Duck Batard (RM TBC), Walnut Raisin loaf (RM12).

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-032

Yeast Bakery, Telawi Bangsar-031

Aliyaa, Bukit Damansara – where to find Sri Lankan Food in KL?

Aliyaa has craved itself a reputation for being the only outlet in KL serving Sri Lankan cuisine for many years. How authentic I won’t know as I have never been to Sri Lanka. For my virginal visit, the food we sampled was certainly not as fiery as I was forewarned.

Healthy mango and strawberry lassi to sooth my growling stomach as we wait for the food to be prepared.

Aliyaa - Sri Lankan Food In KL

For the uninitiated, the food you see as this post progress may hit you as very Indian. To be frank, I’m almost of the same opinion, but I assure you that the subtlety of flavours lies in spices used, detected best via actual tasting.

The quartet of Sri Lanka “sambal” and chutney accompanied our dinner throughout the night. Flavour your dishes as you wish.
Sambal Set: Katta sambol – spicy red chili; Seeni sambol – sweet onion; Pol sambol – coconut; Karupillay sambol – curry leaf pesto.

Aliyaa - Sri Lankan Food In KL-001

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf – Bangsar Village I

Where’s there’s burgers, there’ s Rebecca Saw. :d

If you don’t already know, I’m a burger addict. I love breads and I love meat. Pork burgers holds a stronger pull over me in comparison to any other meat but I would enjoy a good burger anytime!

After 6 days in Nepal, I came back all geared up to chow down some good burgers. I have in my list pork burgers in Ante, Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf and Moon at Damansara.

Since I have already tried Ante’s burger, I headed over to Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf (what a mouthful!) for some porky action.

The outlet was easy enough to find. Sad to say, it took over the space of our beloved organic vegetarian outlet – Country Farm Organics.

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf-010

Since I knew what I wanted, I immediately asked for their Mighty Pork Burger but was suddenly distracted with the Tonkatsu Sandwich so I ordered that instead. The waiter took my order and then came back 5 minutes later to inform me that it wasn’t available. Slightly annoyed, I went back to my initial order of pork burger, but with the usual request of no mayo or butter.

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf-003

H & M Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Sneak Peek!

Just earlier this morning I was at the H & M special media preview for the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection!

H & M SpringSummer 2013 Collection Sneak Peek (7)

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from the stores in Jan 2013. Yes, only January 2013! I have a few pieces in mind already and I know you will too after you see these pictures! :)

As I was briefed briefly (pardon the pun) about the upcoming Spring/Summer collection, my eyes were already wondering around and my attention went along with it. More details will be included in this post as soon as I got back to my press release. I do know the collection emphasized on Bohemian, embossed designs and embroidery.

H & M SpringSummer 2013 Collection Sneak Peek (8)

Carlsberg Where’s The Party? – November 2012 @ Hard Rock Penang!

Lately I have aged considerably.
I kid you not, I actually enjoyed staying home in solitude and I know I could do with more sleep. I have long ago given up on Johnny Walker and H-Artistry parties. They used to be fabulous, but now not as fun.
But there’s one party in town that I’ll not say “No” to, and that’s Carlsberg Where’s the Party!

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-054

Just Heavenly Cafe – Bangsar Shopping Centre

When I was in Nepal for the Air Asia X CSR – One Child One Laptop Programme (OLPC); I remembered showing these bright, inquisitive children pictures of my life in KL. One of the folders they loved was this set of pictures from the Just Heavenly Cafe at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

the students of Chandi Devi Primary School - air asia x CSR One laptop one child program - Kathmandu Nepal

They went oohh and ahhhh over these cute cupcakes and luscious cakes.

Just Heavenly Cafe - Bangsar Shopping Centre