BK Pumpkin Burger @ Burger King Japan – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! :dd

Konichiwa from Japan! How are you celebrating Halloween? As you know might know, I’m in Japan currently.

Halloween is a big thing in Japan. I was in Tokyo since 25th Oct and from pastry shops to Burger King and kiosks at the subway stations there are Halloween inspired merchandise on sale. The pastry and cakes shops here displays really cute cakes, cookies, puddings, tarts and confectioneries with pumpkin designs.


Getting your data and mobile connection in Japan – Softbank

**This is part of wackybecky’s travel chronicles in Japan 2012. Blogposts under this series will be short and sweet as I update daily as I travel. At the end of the trip I may edit and elaborate further if I have the time. For further queries, do drop me an email! :d

If you arrive via Air Asia X, you will land at Haneda Airport at 10.30pm or thereabouts (accurate as of time of writing). Once you have cleared immigration, custom check and grabbed you bag (all in the 2nd floor), proceed to the 3rd floor of the arrival hall.

haneda airport japan - rebecca saw japan trip with airasia  (22)

Look for Softbank booth or just ask any of the officials on duty. There are information booths at the 2nd (arrival floor) and 3rd floor. Everyone I spoke to are all very friendly, helpful and they speak good English.

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Food hygiene tips when travelling : Just another travel pointer from me

As you can see from my website, I love nothing more than exploring new countries and tasting new cuisines. However, I am always cautious and sensible when it comes to food hygiene. If you follow a few simple food hygiene steps, you can ensure your trip won’t be ruined by anyone falling ill.

Clean the germs away

Germs can spread very easily and it’s thought that your cell phone, PC keyboard and mouse have more germs on them than anything else you own. So when you’re travelling and you want to visit an internet café, be sure to clean the keyboard and the mouse before logging onto Foxybingo.com or Twitter. Then clean your hands before eating anything.

Five Sen5es @ The Westin, KL

Five Sen5es @ The Westin, KL features a weekend All-You-Can-Eat Simply Dim Sum Lunch for RM68++ that I have been eyeing for quite some time now. During a recent visit, I was told that the Simply Dim Sum Lunch is valid on weekdays too; at a very reasonable price of RM48++ though selection may be slightly limited.

Now if any of you here wants to join me for the dim sum on a beautiful Sat/Sun morning, please give me a holler ok? :) I have been craving for dim sum!

That aside, I was at Five Sen5es recently for dinner. Why the name Five Sen5es is a common question on everyone’s lips and I got the same query from my friends. Basically, the previous EEST of Westin KL as we know is now Five Sen5es with a revamped menu and a rather interesting concept of using all your sensory signatures of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell as you dine.

Let me illustrate this.
When I stepped into Five Sen5es recently my Five Sen5es experience begun with touring 5 different rooms. Each room serves to bring out one of your sensory system. We started with..


five sen5es

Sony VAIO Duo 11 Launch and Windows 8-ready VAIO lineup

Just hours back Sony launched the VAIO Duo 11 Hybrid Tablet-Ultrabook, T Series 13 and E Series 14P.

sony vaio touch series launch malaysia-010

But all eyes and attention was on Sony’s pride of the trio – the sleek new VAIO Duo 11 that switches effortlessly between a laptop and a tablet.

sony vaio duo 11 launch malaysia-004

Terengganu Rip Curl 6-star Pro Surf Contest!

There’s no reason to avoid the east coast this coming year end monsoon season!

 Official Announcement of Terrenganu Rip Curl Pro 2012