McDonald’s Beef Samurai Burger, Sakura McFizz & Katsu Curry – Malaysia. Pork Samurai Burger – Thailand

Wherever I’m at when I’m traveling, I make it a point to try to visit the local McDonalds and sample something uniquely available in that country.

Mcdonalds - Hat yai city thailand 1 -004

In Paris, there was the McBaguette. In Korea, the Bulgogi burger. In Thailand it has always been about their rice burgers.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not a Mcd fan and I don’t advocate eating anything from McDonalds. And some of their burgers really sucks are dry and its size shrinks year by year so they now offer “double” burgers so consumers has pay more to eat more to be able to eat a substantial burger from McD.
Anyhow, it’s just fun to sample McDonald’s offering in other countries. And oh, especially so if there’s pork. :)

Mcdonalds - Hat yai city thailand-003

Today’s Choices Magazine – the 1st Free Reversed Concept Magazine in Malaysia!

When I’m not glued to my Asus Zenbook, I do read books and magazines.

rebecca saw Asus Zenbook Fraser hill


The thing about reading books and magazines is mostly about nostalgia for me. Sometimes, in an unexplained way, holding and reading a hardcopy does feel good and “cosy”. From hours in front of the laptop formulating online campaigns, editing pictures and blogging, it’s a relieve to grab a book and be spared the glare of the screen at times.

And of course, you can drift off to sleep without worries! :)

H&M 1st store in Malaysia opens in Lot 10 KL, Malaysia


While I was cruising the states of Malaysia during the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012, H & M opening was one of the events that I had missed. My friend Vivian went on my behalf, and I was told that the crowd was massive (what’s new?) and that the media present was given a special 20% off all merchandise that day.

L-R Sin Gin, Karl-Johan Persson, Lex Keijser doing the rubbing cutting

BELOW: So many H & M enthusiasts!

1500 people queued up for the Grand Opening

Vivian doesn’t normally splurge on clothes, but she did bought a truckload of clothes for herself and her boyfriend that evening!

Chef Michael Han – Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows Gastronomy 2012

September is a good month! :)
I just got back from meeting some amazing chefs in the World Gourmet Festival 2012 in Bangkok, had a lovely meet & interview session with Sharone Hakman of the Master Chef US, will be tasting the menu for this year’s Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2012 Gala Launch tonight and tomorrow I’m flying off to Penang; my hometown to meet and savour Penang deconstructed dishes (hhmmm wonder how the reinterpretation of Penang laksa will look and taste like!) by Celebrity Chef Michael Han.

Chef Michael Han

Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012: 20th – 25th Sept 2012 – Our day to day fun!

Hi all!
This is the summary of all the postings I have shared so far during the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012. For the results, I’m still waiting for the official photos and facts from the organisers so it will be up soon!

Please feel to share and leave a comment! :)

Day 1 & 2: Arrival at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel and meeting new friends!

Full story and more pictures here –> Malaysian Tourism Hunt 2012 – Day 1 & 2


Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012 - bicycle rent - riding

Putrajaya Lake Cruise - Cruise tasik Putrajaya-001

Day 5 – Pantai Kemasik Kemaman, Nor Arfa Batik Terengganu – Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012

Oh hello! What do you guys think of the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012 so far? Have you been following the previous posts I published? :)

I’m dead tired every night but the days out (minus the driving) hunting, playing and picking up valuable knowledge about my own country is well worth the effort. In continuation from my previous update, we were hosted for a night at the Bukit Gambang Resort City in Kuantan. Morning call is 6am, breakfast is at 7am and check-out is 8am, a routine for us by now.

I have been up every morning at 4am to bring you daily updates on the Malaysia Tourism Hunt so you better read my posts ok! :d
By 6am I’m normally famished and brain dead from 2 hours of writing. A good breakfast helps; and the breakfast buffet at Bukit Gambang Resort City offers an admirably vast selection which were actually tasty.

malaysia tourism hunt 2012 - bukit Gambang resort city -003

malaysia tourism hunt 2012 - bukit Gambang resort city -002

Half boiled eggs! YES!
The roti jala and roti canai was thin, crispy and served with very good dhal. It was better than some mamak shops in KL/PJ for sure.

malaysia tourism hunt 2012 - bukit Gambang resort city -001