Ramadhan Buffet 2012 – Kitchen Art Brasserie, Empire Hotel Subang

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NOTE: A guest post by foodie Kevin.

It started with an invitation to the review for Seenak Warisan Ibunda at Kitchen Art Brasserie, a buffet at Empire Hotel featuring traditional Malay cuisine with delicacies from different regions rotated on a weekly basis (Perak from 21-30th July, Kelantan from 31st July – 8th August, and Negeri Sembilan from 9-18th August).
Thing is, I never knew that Empire Hotel had its own dining options, considering that Empire Shopping Gallery has a lot of food choices.

Below: Entrance and banner for Seenak Warisan Ibunda at Kitchen Art Brasserie, Empire Hotel Subang.


Below:  Some of the food stands at Kitchen Art Brasserie – Bubur Manis for desserts, Kerabu Som Tam, Fried Vegetables (think tempura), Roast Meat.


Changi Village Hotel (Review) – a part of Singapore I haven’t been!

My weekend in Singapore was slightly different from my usual trips. Instead of flashy Marina Bay Sands, or shopping in Orchard and food hunting like I usually do, I was nestled comfortably in the tranquil and laid back district of Changi Village. A taxi ride to the MRT station – Tanah Merah cost about SGD10 and SGD30 if you’re heading to Arab Street area. Trust me, I know. I paid those damn bucks.

At first I was cursing the distance and wondering what would I do being away from my Ngee Ann city, Orchard Road and celebrity restaurants in Marina Bay Sands. Checking in AFTER my welcome dinner at Landmark Village Hotel, I took a quick video and some photographs and collapsed on the bed. Yes, I was in such a rush that I didn’t manage to check in till after the event.

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review

When I woke up the next morning, I felt slightly rested and realized the bed is ultra-comfortable! I snuggled for a while before heading out for breakfast. Another thing I like about the room? Plenty of plug points! I could charge my BB, Zenbook, camera, MP3 player and my external battery pack all at one go at different points.

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (19)

I love the large desk provided. There was plenty of space for everything; laptop, a glass of water, magazines at the side, a plate of snack, phone charging in front of me and for my mouse.

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (2)

Singapore Blog Awards 2012, Far East Hospitality Groups of hotels and fun!

After a rather dramatic start to my weekend in Sg (hhmm.. I always seem to have some drama happening to me during my trips, such as the fright I had on my first day in Paris), I arrived safely albeit slightly late and SGD30 poorer at the Landmark Village Hotel in the Arab quarter in Singapore city.

Sponsored by Far East Hospitality and OMY.sg, this marks the beginning of my weekend in Singapore for the Singapore Blog Awards 2012.

Singapore Blog Awards 2012

A warm and short speech by our gracious sponsors kicked off the evening.

SBA Day 1-009

SBA Day 1-011

Bloggers from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and HongKong were my newfound friends this trip!

SBA Day 1-010

Ramadhan Buffet 2012 : The Mill, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

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Some people asked me, after eating almost 15 Ramadhan buffets in almost all the hotels in KL, which is the best?
It was a imminent question really, one that I foresee to be one of my blog’s FAQ of the year. After all, it’s understandable that most people would want to head over to the best of the best Ramadhan buffet in town.

While JW Marriot was close, it was The Mill, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur that impressed me the most. I won’t say it was 100% perfect (frankly, there are always hits and misses in buffets) but since almost all the sections managed to please my rather fussy palate; I rate this one higher than the rest.

Below: The rather juicy, tender lamb. The best I had so far.

ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (112)

Another reason why I would recommend The Mill at Grand Millennium is for the variety as well. From the lamb to the curries, Japanese and even the desserts, this spread wasn’t only covering the traditional delicacies but boasts of a rather extensive medley of western and Asian cuisine as well.
I trust this is ideal as diners would have more options; and not to mention loads more food to enjoy for the price paid!

Below: I’m loving the scallops!

ramadhan buffet GRand Millenium (50)

Europe 2012: Paris Walking Food Tour – a gourmand’s dream!

So yes, where was I? :d

Ah, the pastries, the cheeses, the foie gras, the award winning cured sausages and the pate. Now it’s the continuation, where my “exclusive private” Paris Walking Food Tour now progressed to Rue Mouffetard, a few streets away from the St Germaine market/area where shops and shops of gourmet delights flanked both sides of the street.

Europe Trip, Paris (1)

But before that, we continued our gluttony at the St Germaine market; this time with cheeses!

Paris Food Walking Tour - Gourmet French Food (69)

Paris Food Walking Tour - Gourmet French Food (66)