Gardens by the Bay, Singapore – It’s open!

I was in Singapore earlier in May for a trip by Marina Bay Sands and was privileged to visit the Harry Potter Exhibition on the very first day of its opening followed by a behind the scenes tour of Gardens by the Bay.

gardens by the bay, singapore (20)

Pangkor Laut Resort, Perak – My review of the Residents Package – Value for money!

My apologies for the abrupt ending to my previous post. The last week has been hell but thank god I scrapped through. :)

I’m now in Taiwan for a trip that I nearly cancelled. Things worked out better on the very morning of the flight, so 3 hours before the flight, I decided that situation is stable enough for me to leave.

So without further ado, here’s the continuation from where I left off; right at that moment where we were having lunch at Chapman’s Bar on Day 2.

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Pangkor Laut Resort, Perak – Book the Residents Package by YTL!

I was just back a while ago from Tanjong Jara Resort, Terengganu and shortly after the trip, I discovered about the Tanjong Jara RM799 RESIDENT PACKAGE which I quickly shared HERE.

After that, I found out about the Bali one – Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali, another Summer Holiday Special from YTL Hotels.

I toyed with the idea of going Bali since I never been there, but the recent Europe trip was exhausting enough. Besides, Pangkor was more affordable as no extra cost will be incurred for flights and at the same time I can explore some Ipoh delicacies like dim sum and re-visit Julie again for desserts . I love her designer breakfast at Indulgence Restaurant & Living, Ipoh.

This is such a good deal for Malaysian and Singaporean residents (expats included!) . For RM2068, this was my 3D2N holiday at the beautiful Pangkor Laut Resort by YTL. :dd

YTL Hotels  Great Escape Packages

Access the booking page at:

A quick comparison of the Resident Package and the usual is below. I took weekdays in an effort to save cost.

MML Tile Makeover Contest |

It’s the 8th video now at and counting. The videos have been hilarious with really good editing so far and the viewership is amazing; with each video garnering as much as 8,000 to 25,000 views!

The question of who or what was behind this site has been answered as well; though it turned out to be quite a surprising and unlikely candidate; a tile maker.

Yes, MML aka Malaysian Mosaic Berhad was revealed to be the mastermind behind Curious and his friends! Following this, MML has announced their nationwide contest for a home makeover, at a pretty good timing I’ll say, having created enough buzz from the first few weeks of the launch.

Curious Cat MY

Since I had been following the adventures of the Curious Cat, I checked out the makeover contest.

Cielo Dolci Gelato, Paradigm Mall

There’s very little of us, if any at all, who dislike cold, creamy ice cream; whether we are residents in tropical climate or otherwise. From my Europe trip, I realized Europeans enjoy their gelatos and ice cream even when the weather is chilly!
Likewise for myself, I’m a dessert fanatic, especially so for anything icy. My preference goes to low fat or reduced fat versions, for obvious reasons since I’m female. :d

The newest icon in PJ, Paradign Mall opened pretty recently. I was there within the 2nd week to check out the F & B outlets (what else would a foodie do eh? :P) but was pretty disappointed as there were many chain-based restaurants that are already available at most other malls.

Paradise Dynasty was one of the few that was new, but dinner was so-so and service was pretty bad. The multi-colour + flavour siew long bao was more of a novelty but we loved the sichuan beef. The others – vegetables, taufu and fish wasn’t worth mentioning.

8 flavours ‘xiao long bao’ at Paradise Dynasty, Paradigm Mall.

xiao long pao - paradise dynasty

Tongue numbing Beef – Sichuan Style (If I’m not mistaken. I can’t remember!)

beef paradise dynasty

Sharp 100 years – It’s SHARP’s 100th Anniversary!

The first company, Sharp-Roxy Corporation (SRC), was established in Malaysia in 1974 in the state of Kedah. It was the company’s first overseas production and export base. With the generous support of both the people and government of Malaysia, Sharp has continually expanded its activities in Malaysia to become a successful household brand. Today, Sharp has been three decades in Malaysia!

sharp roxy shah alam

Sharp to me has always been an ever-green brand. I still remember when I was small; during my holidays at my grandmother’s the only thing that kept us entertained was this pretty “antique” Sharp TV. You know, those kinds with the big bulky box. Well, it’s a rare item now I supposed. Since I wasn’t allowed to watch TV at home because of the school time and all, I’ll always be the one controlling the TV at my  “kampong”.  Says a lot about how I remember Sharp right?