Sweet Chills Malaysia – another froyo option

Other than burgers, breads and cakes, another item I blogged consistently about is frozen yogurt, or froyo, as it’s more popularly known.

Moo Cow is one of my default choice when the craving strikes, but with the many new options and outlets popping up, I try to sample each and everyone of them for comparison.

Just today I had the chance to sample Sweet Chills; as I was in Berjaya Times Square (a place I avoid under normal circumstances) for a meeting.

sweet chills Malaysia-006

PC.com Readers Choice Awards 2011 – Results and Winners

PC.com held it’s annual brand awards night yesterday and this year it’s called the Readers Choice Awards.
Basically a few months ago PC.com held a mass survey asking their readers to vote for their best tech brands; yesterday was the award giving ceremony.

PC.com Readers Choice Awards 2011 - Results and Winners

Launch of Mr Asahi, the world’s first robotic bartender to come to Malaysia!

Mr Asahi, the world’s first robotic bartender to come to Malaysia was here yesterday and I got to meet him personally!

Mr asahi robot

So, what’s so great about a robotic barman?
For a start, Mr Asahi is capable of serving people in less than two minutes, saving the average person 13 minutes at the bar. Capable of pulling 300ml pints and opening bottles, Mr. Asahi can serve up to 16 half pints or bottles at a time.

F1 Red Bull Racing Sebastien Buemi Interview at Infiniti Center, Chulan Square

Last week was everything F1. Visiting the F1 Paddock was certainly the highlight of my week!

Formula 1 Paddock Club experience

Though I was down with flu and was slightly feverish (I blame it on the F1 :) ), I diligently followed the F1 parties, drivers interviews, the news and of course, the races.
One of F1 driver that I got to meet upclose & personal was Sebastien Buemi. Despite his schedule, Sebastien was really friendly and accommodating, taking on questions from the media tirelessly, posing for shots after shots and signing autographs for everyone.

F1 driver Sebastien Buemi & Red Bull Racing 2012

AFC Great Dinners of The World – Appreciation Dinner

I will always remember my dining experience during the preview of the Great Dinners of The World.

That marked my first encounter with the jovial quartet of Chef Sho, Chef Malcolm, Chef Johnny Fua and Chef Sherson Lian.

AFC - Great Dinners of The World-19

For the cheeky Chef Johnny, we were introduced at the GTower Ramadan buffet and I was suitably impressed with his culinary prowess during my meal at The Upper Deck (post HERE).

The Pool, KL – Mercedes-Benz Petronas F1 Team Bash

Yesterday’s Mercedes-Benz Petronas F1 Team Bash was a blast!

the pool f1-002

The car was a beauty (well, we don’t expect anything less from Mercedes right?) and the venue; the newly debuted The Pool has reasons to claim their venue to be the next hottest lounge+bar+club in KL.

the pool f1-004