The Volvo V60 – Entertainment, comfort and style.

For this installment, we were done with the move (like finally!) and since we were too tired to drive it out far ( I was aiming for Melaka or Ipoh actually), we thought we would reward ourselves with a trip to the famed Semenyih Fish Valley Restaurant at Sri Haneco Industrial Park, Jalan Kachau.

volvo v60 review-002

Haneco what???
Yes, that was my reaction as well when my friend forwarded the address to me.
Oh well, we figured that even if we got lost, at least we got lost in a Volvo!  :dd

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines & Cristang, a historical Malaysian-Dutch food experience

Beginning from March 1st 2012, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will serve a choice of carefully selected Cristang meals on board of their flights from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam. Passengers can look forward to tasty dishes such as a Cristang salad, Chicken Curry Belanda or Beef Semur when they travel in Economy or World Business Class.

When I got the invite for the launch, I literally drooled over my keyboard and replied with a ‘Yes’, though the location of the event was daunting…

…because the launch was held at ..


KLM & Cristang menu - March 2012

Our hot food was prepared in the LSG Sky Chef building, where most of the in-flight menus are prepared.

KLM & Cristang menu - March 2012-1

Mobile World Congress – the ASUS PadFone!!

It’s crazy!
I nearly fainted when I saw this. Just as I’m done with my Asus Transformer Prime review, Asus launched a PadFone!
Here, check out the video. It tells you all!


Amazing isn’t it? I could totally do with one!
Frankly, I’m not a tablet person, but the ASUS PadFone integrates a lethal three-in-one combination of a smartphone, a tablet and a notebook (when accessorized with the PadFone Station and PadFone Station Dock)! How can one not have a need for these gadgets?

The Asus Transformer Prime Review

So here’s the continuation of my Asus Transformer Prime review, with my previous thoughts HERE where I have touched on the physical aspect of the tablet in terms of it’s looks, size and weight.

asus transformer prime-10

Now I’m just going to compact my review into a table, answering all questions that I have got since I had the tablet. I have used it in meetings, bought it out with me to events and hang out at cafes with it.

asus transformer prime-2

asus transformer prime-3

asus transformer prime-1

Launch of the Nokia Lumia 610 and Lumia 800 in Malaysia

Yes, overdue.
I know I know. But I usually post tech launches pretty immediately, and the delay for this simply cos the launch and the phones itself didn’t excite me.

But maybe I’m about to eat my words, for the announcement of the Nokia’s Pureview at MWC 2012; a 41 MP camera and the zippy new Windows 8 did make me sit up and took notice.
So, Nokia, are you making a comeback? I do hope so!

Here are the pics. And if I do get a review unit, you know you will read it here! :d

launch of nokia lumia-001

Below: I love these colourful umbrellas, just as colourful as their Lumia phones.

launch of nokia lumia-002

The Lumia 800.

Las Delicias – Citta Mall

Las Delicias in Citta Mall apparently has a strict no-photography policy. Or rather, that policy was in place when I was there last Sat night. A fellow food blogger who visited a week before was spared the unpleasant experience that we (ulric and I) encounter when we were there, probably because that particular staff wasn’t present at that time of his dinner.

Great food. Bad customer relations. Would you dine at such a restaurant ?

las delicias - citta mall

Citta Mall is fast affirming itself as the upcoming hip and happening mall in the PJ vicinity. While the more strategically located SSMall is still unable to excite the epicureans in us, Citta Mall’s outlets are surprisingly noteworthy, with most outlets offering intriguing fusioned cuisine but there are still the good old Chillis, Subway and Pappa Rich for those who rather stick to the familiar.

las delicias - citta mall-1