Acme Bar & Coffee, Troika

So while everyone enjoyed their reunion dinners at home and ate Chinese, I steered clear of any Asian food for my reunion session. I had way too many yee sang and 8 course meals for the 2 weeks prior to CNY and was actually dying for something European and fancy.

Hence with my little family, I suggested Acme Bar and Coffee at Troika since I have read and heard raving reviews about the food.

Acme Bar & Coffee, Troika

I can tell you upfront that my meal was less than impressive. Or perhaps that’s the problem when you walked in with high expectations.

FOOD: Chicago Rib House – 1 Utama, the “NEW” Old Wing

I thought for a while before writing this review, even wondering if I should.

In the first place, I went to Chicago Rib House after reading many many raving reviews online. Secondly, after much thought, I’m pretty sure ours was an isolated case.

chicago rib house-020

Hence, I’ll be fair here and while I’ll still be honest & share with you guys what happened, I’ll focus more on the taste of the PORK BURGER (yes, this is another of my pork burger series) than dwell on the unfortunate “food poisoning” incident.

To start off my porky lunch, I attempt to allay the guilt by ordering a salad. This Oriental Salad (RM15.90) caught my attention as the menu described that the salad cames with mandarins oranges and a peanut based sauce.

chicago rib house-023

Kanna Curry House, PJ Seksyen 17 – Banana Leaf Rice so -so but BEST for sotong goreng!

There was one point in my life when Sunday lunches were solely banana leaf & we would go around PJ hunting for our BLR fix. Eventually we settled for our favourites at the lesser known Purnama Cahaya, the grumpy Kavitha’s (of which after one particular grumpier than normal incident, I refuse to head back there anymore) & Annalakshmi & Vishals. Other than these, I like Nirwana’s @ Bangsar, Devi’s @ TTDI & Sri Paandi’s too.

But I could never comprehend the popularity of Kanna’s & Raju’s. I personally thought they were both crap overrated & overpriced. The last I’ve been to Kanna was nearly 2 years ago, and it had left me with such a lasting impression that I never went back. Blame it on some tweets recently; all of them of which had positive remarks about Kanna, that gotten me curious enough to give it another shot.

Kanna Curry House - Banana Leaf Rice-09

During my last visit, I remembered crappy service, awfully salty fried chicken & pretty miserable vegetables for the basic set. You see, for most people, the basic set is not significant, as they would focus more on the add-ons – the curries, the fried goods, the meats. For me, the vegetables that comes with the basic set is VERY IMPORTANT, as I love my vegetables & I also view it as the fundamentals of how an outlet set the standards for their banana leaf rice.

IKEA Swedish Meatballs – Ikea Singapore vs Ikea Malaysia

One of the things I like to do when I’m in other countries is to visit a food chain; especially those that has branches or franchises in more than 1 country.

Besides providing appealing content for a blogpost; it’s an interesting eye-opener to myself as well as my blog readers to know how in other countries, food chains tailors their menus to suit a specific country and it’s food culture.

A while back I was in Sg for a quick trip. Someone told me Ikea Singapore serves pork on it’s menu. Even better, that person told me specifically there are pork meatballs!
So yes, I hopped into Ikea just to have the meatballs. Don’t ask me if the furniture stock in Ikea Singapore is any different from the ones in Malaysia. I wouldn’t know! But I do know that the meatballs is different!  :d

Below: Pork and beef Swedish meatballs.

IKEA pork beef meatballs

TECH: The Asus Transformer Prime – first impressions

Asus Malaysia kindly dropped me a CNY gift just a few days prior to the celebrations.

Oh yeahhh.. it’s the Eee Pad Transformer Prime!

asus transformer prime-1

It was launched just a week back and I was the only blogger to get a review unit so far. I shared this awesome opportunity with Vernon (who did a video here) and my good techie friend Kelvin (@l0rDKadaj).

Restaurant Jaipur Curry House – Banana Leaf Rice @ TTDI

What do you do on the eve (lunch hour) of Chinese New Year?
Well, eat banana leaf rice of course.

jaipur banana leaf 3

And it seems that most Chinese people had the same idea!