Hennessy Artistry – Penang 28th April 2011 @Voodoo Club Penang!

We were rocking the party at Voodoo Club Penang yesterday night! Oh yea we were! :)

All pics credited to mynjayz.com.

Hennessy Artistry Penang 2011-1

Hennessy Artistry Penang 2011-3

The Ultimate Hennessy Artistry Party Experience – Penang & KL – 28th – 30th April 2011!

4D3N all expenses paid trip to Penang & back! I’m a lucky bitch! ;p


Yup, I am heading to Penang TOMORROW, flying via MAS Airlines, staying at the Northam All Suites Hotel for 2D1N & hitting Hennessy Artistry Penang at Voodoo, Upper Penang Road tomorrow night itself -April 28th.
** Party dress – check. Party heels – check. Make up – check. Party people – Advertlets bloggers Jason Ong, Josh Lim, Vernon Chan, Leonard Chua, Bryan Lim, Xiang Cool, Vivian Khoo, Michelle Leecheck check check!! :)

This is going to be one awesome party yo! With the great mix of Hennessy V.S.O.P drinks, performances & atmosphere as with every H-Artistry parties every year, the whole group of us are really in for “The Ultimate Hennessy Artistry Party Experience“.

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame, Sunway Pyramid

Just few hours ago, I was the kay-poh friend who went to support an insane dude – Sam, who coincidentally is known as Sam Insanity for his quest to beat the Goliath Challenge at The Frames Cafe located at Sunway Pyramid.

Let me start by giving you the low-down of this burger.
Known as the Goliath – this humongous burger pales in comparison to the one at EuroDeli – (check that one out HERE . We had 10 contestants for that one!) as the Matterhorn was larger by size & weight alone. However, what made the Goliath burger deadly was the mound of 500g of fries, and the 1.5l rootbeer with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream! I kid you not!
All that to be chowed down in 30 mins FLAT.

The Goliath Burger Challenge @ The Frame-14

The Goliath Challenge:

Goliath Challenge

Mother’s Day Buffet at Atrium Cafe – Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel

Atrium Cafe at Pyramid Tower Hotel - part of the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa development celebrates Mother’s Day with a serenading touch.

Rod Stewart Tribute Photo new

Yes! It’s Rod Stewart!!

Rob Caudill all the way from Las Vegas, USA, the dead-on Rod Stewart impersonator (yikes, did I hear sighs of disappointment??) who has performed with famous legends in concerts for >10 years, will perform live at the restaurant’s Mother’s Day Hi-Tea Buffet showcase on Sunday, 8th May 2011.

With that much exposure as his credentials, I’m sure his performance on May 8th will be splendid. Pamper Mum on this special day with excellent cuisine & much love here at Atrium Cafe highlighting the best of Asian-heritage dishes accented with exotic flavours of Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese & other specialities.

Yes yes, I’m sure you’ve read my previous review on their marvellous desserts & bread & butter pudding. That was for their Easter buffet.

Buffet at Atrium, Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel-54

This week I’m gorging on their preview buffet for Mother’s Day. And I had more bread & butter pudding. And of course, a lot more desserts! ;-)

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-08

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-07

Initially I thought I would be eating more or less of the same dishes as last week, but was pleasantly surprised that that wasn’t the case. If anything, this week was even better with the presence of salted egg yolk fish fillet (it’s so good!) which was expertly fried with just the right amount of salted egg coating, roast duck with plum sauce & glorious, glorioussssss strawberries with fresh cream & chocolate sauce.

The delicious salted egg yolk fish fillets.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-13

Roast Duck with Plum Sauce.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-15

Glorious strawberries with fresh cream & chocolate sauce.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-44

For the 2nd time, I’m iterating my Top 5 reasons to dine here at the Atrium, and throwing in 2 additional reasons – Service & Ambiance - this week.

1. Buffet hours are from 12-4pm, whereas most afternoon buffets are only from 12-2.30pm. It’s totally worth your dough. Breakfast, lunch & tea (even dinner if you eat that much!) all kau-tim (covered) for RM55++. (please note that for 8th May 2011, the price is RM98++)

2, Food is good at that price, not only for quantity, but quality as well. There was 2 huge mass of roast rack of beef this round, and we told the chef not to stop slicing til perhaps the 20th slice. LOL.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-36

Don’t stop, keep those slices coming onto my plate please…

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-39

Douse them slices with hearty gravy. To be honest I’m not much of a beef fan but this was worth a special mention out of all from the buffet spread.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-43

For RM55++,(RM98++ for 8th May 2011) there were thick cuts of cheese & even smoked salmon! Yay!

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-33

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-30

The smoked salmon that I couldn’t get enough of.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-27

Expensive olives & more cheese with smoky grilled tomatoes.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-31

3. Food was consistently and very quickly replenished. I can’t emphasize on this enough. I hate waiting & having to stalk the buffet table again & again during my meal for what I want.

4. Creative dishes. We had Smoked seabass & a Lok-Lok station last week, as well as funky mid eastern desserts like Um Ali – Arabic bread & cream with toasted nuts & Kanafe Konafa which was sweet shredded pastry with cheese from the Mediterranean regions. This week it wasn’t that much on the creativity side but I find better selections for the mains.

Prawns in creamy spicy curry.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-12

My favourite – the lamb cutlets!

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-18

I love anything with cashew nuts, especially chicken, but prawns will do just as well!

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-16

I love ribs too, but these were a bit tough and chewy. :(

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-20

We’ve got Chinese

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-14

..Indian.. (I forgot to snap a shot of the chicken tikka, which was tender & utterly yummy)…

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-17


Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-19

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-10

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-11

Mid Eastern ……….

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-34

….Malay….Heck, I couldn’t fit each & every dish in one post. But do check out last week’s review; & you’ll have an idea of the variety the marvellous chefs here are capable of churning out.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-0

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-02

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-38

Sinful carbs. Roasted potatoes, my favourites again!

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-21

5. DESSERTS. I can’t emphasize enough on how good the desserts here are;  for buffet standards.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-03

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-04

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-05

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-06

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-08

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-09

6. SERVICE was very attentive & there were plenty of staff on the floor to clear my plates and refill my drinks. The staff at the buffet line were helpful as well & was always seen with a smile on their faces. Even the chefs were seen walking around the buffet area & monitoring the food/situation.

7. Atmosphere. High ceilings, spacious seating arrangements & the relaxed pace of the buffet puts me at ease. We (the other bloggers & I) enjoyed ourselves talking, joking & gorging ourselves silly from the spread. Due to the vast area of the Atrium Cafe, noise level was low though there were a sizeable amount of patrons there that day.

And my Top 5 favourite sections/food from the buffet remained more or less the same.

1. Bread & Butter Pudding – much better compared to the Lemon Garden (Shangri-la) one that I had on the very same night. It was fabulous especially when doused with the vanilla sauce.

bread and butter pudding

2. The DESSERTS.  Enough said.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-22

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-40

3. The noodle station! Everyone agreed that it was superb so it’s certified “mesti makan/must eat” !  I’m happy to report that’s it was just as good last week. Consistency = PASS!

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-41

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-42

4. The appetisers section. This week the sandwiches filled me up. I’m a hardcore bread lover, hence resistance was futile.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-24

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-25

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-26

Some of the other appetisers from the selections of 15 kinds or so.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-28

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-29

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-32

5. One of the main highlight was this roast rack of beef. I would have preferred it cooked rarer as it was a bit dry for me.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-35

Help yourself to the roasted potatoes with your beef.

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-37


Where: Atrium Café & Lounge, Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel
When: On Sunday, the 8th of May 2011 – Mother’s Day Celebration Buffet
Price: RM 98++ per pax.
Time: 12.00 – 4.00pm
Contact for Reservations: +60 3 7495 1888

Buffet - Atrium Cafe - Sunway Pyramid Tower-01

My Easter Buffet experience from last week HERE. Browse through & see how diversely different the spread can be. I certainly wouldn’t mind indulgent Saturdays like this every week! ;-)

All pictures are:


Justin Bieber Concert LIVE in Malaysia 2011 – Video & pictures from the concert!

I was at the concert yesterday! Yes yes, me! LOL.
I admit I wasn’t a Bieber fan but thanks to Tune Talk & Donovan Chan – my wonderful colleague who managed to get me 2 RM358 tics; I figured, heck why not? Let’s go watch Justin in real life!

That was as real life as it can get. Even at the blue zone, for RM358, I barely saw anything of him. Thank god for the big screen. But then seriously, how many of us could possibly be FRONT row at a concert?

I knew some of his songs by name, but not every single one. Haha, so I’m quoting from Jason (mynjayz) who is a Bieber fan. “He sang, One time, Bigger, Runaway Love, You smile I smile, One less lonely girl, Eenie Meenie, Love Me, Somebody to love, Pray, Never Say Never and lastly Baby. It lasted for around 2 hours plus.

Yup it did.
My take of his performance?

It was an energy packed performance, with a lot of emphasis on the routine and the opportunity of actually seeing Bieber live. There wasn’t much to be said for his vocals. He danced quite a bit, & while it was entertaining I felt he lacked the “finesse & flamboyance” in his dance moves (Ok, this might be a wee unfair as I’m comparing to dance maestros like Usher). But I loved the part when he showed off his dexterity in music instruments, namely the guitar & the drums! He certainly has the musical talent to qualify as an artist!

He threw us a surprise when he called for a special guest. Woots! It’s Joel Madden from Good Charlotte! He sang Dance Floor Anthem. Check out the video!

And last but not least: Baby!

So am I Bieber-fied?? Nahh! But I have to admit he’s gifted & certainly has his appeal. He is cute & very very likeable on stage. His songs are catchy & well, it’s pop! I love pop & R & B.

This concert could also take the record for having the most parents + kids combo at one time! It was almost like a Sunday family outing yesterday! LOL.

So was the concert worth going for? Well, if you are a fan yes. If you have nothing else better to do on a Thurs night, Yes. If your whole family is a Bieber fan, heck why not!
He certainly gave an up-roaring performance, with very little wait between sets & plenty of action.  He sang, he danced, he shared & communicated with the crowd. You’ll walk away feeling that Justin Bieber really enjoyed performing for you, and he did gave his best during the concert.

More pics to be uploaded soon. Expect pics of people carrying their shoes as they sloshed around in the muddy fields, screaming teenagers, the packed stadium & YES, more pics of Bieber’s performance!!


Day 2 Victoria, Australia – Australia’s Favourite Steam Train: The Puffing Billy!! #BeckyinOzzie

Puffing Billy Steam Railway is a genuine relic of Victoria’s early rail days. It is Australia’s oldest steam railway and one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world. The vintage steam train hauls passenger carriages through the Dandenong Ranges from Belgrave to Lakeside Station, via Menzies Creek and Emerald, a distance of 13km. A round trip takes just over 2 hours.


And here I was on the 2nd day of my Victoria, Australia adventure. Fresh off my little jaunt at The Dandenong Ranges & nursing a painful finger cos I got bullied by parrots. Still, I was like an excited little kid who couldn’t wait to get on the train.