Marufuku, Jaya One – slurpilicious, fresh & bouncy udon.’s cheap too!

I’m have never been a fan of noodles though someone is. I think the problem lies with the fact that most noodles dishes tasted generic to me; and that is probably due to the fact that most wan tan mee, hokkien mee, curry mee, kuey teow thng, etc stalls sourced from more or less the same supplier for their business. (Let’s not include the mid/high-end restaurants that makes their own / import their noodles, keeping in the theme of “noodles under RM10″)

Different stalls, different preparations, different ingredients, different taste, yes; but essentially, when you bite into your noodles, it tasted bland & mediocre no? Minus the soup and all that extras?

It took a few trips, but eventually I fell under the “Marufuku spell“.

No no, I won’t say that. But when it rains, when the mood dips, when the tummy calls for something simple to keep the body going, Marufuku offers that simple solace in each bowl.

Nebayaki Udon. (includes a seafood dumpling, 1 prawn tempura, an egg, mushrooms & beancurd skin) RM10.

Marufuku jaya one (1)

American Express Gold Card – planning for my first purchase..

In continuation from my previous American Express Gold Credit card post, I have been in touch with an AMEX personel and I’m now being briefed about the new American Express Gold Credit card and MORE of its benefits.


The card looks good, that’s for sure ;-)

But end of the day, I need to justify to myself, why another card??

Elegant Inn, Menara Hap Seng – my Hong Kong Dim Sum lunch!

Hong Kong Waxmeat Rice (Lap Mei fun), touted as the best in town; - RM68.00.

elegant inn menara hap seng dim sum (17)

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge, Bangsar Village I – the RM150 Degustation Menu

Thrilled from the fact that this outlet is owned by a friend, and also cos it’s new (I’m a sucker for trying out new outlets), I fervently awaited the opening of Garibaldi this month.

I got an unexpected preview HERE, and that has gotten me raring to visit for a full dining experience.

The menu differs for the lounge downstairs and for the dining area above. The “preview” I had during the AMEA & event was just the lounge menu. Upstairs, the menu entices with homemade fresh pastas & prime ingredients with the likes of Grade 8 Wagyu, white Alba truffles & cutlets of veal.

So, barely a week after Garibaldi opened its doors, I sat upstairs at one of its dining tables, a napkin placed over my lap, chewed on herbed Italian bread with extra virgin olive oil & leafed through it’s dining menu.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (2)

The fickle minded me couldn’t, as usual, decide in 20 mins what to have for dinner. Hence the option of the degustation menu. At RM150 ++, it offers smaller portions of similar items on the ala carte menu but in total of 6 different dishes. PERFECT.

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (9)

garibaldi, BV I - degustation menu (10)

Christmas at Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge, Bangsar Village I

Where are you having your Christmas dinner? Still haven’t got a clue?

I was at Garibaldi last night for dinner (will post on that soon!) and I saw their Christmas Day menu so I thought I will share it here.


Seems a decent deal, considering the ingredients (caviar, wagyu, cod, marsala wine - this is pretty elusive) and there are different elements in each dish; there is Turkey (it’s X’mas! ho ho ho! ;-) ) , items from the sea – crabmeat, cod, salmon, bovine – beef, & last but not least pasta, as befitting of an Italian restaurant.

If anything, this place is worth considering just cos it’s new! ;-)

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge
Lot10 & G22, Bangsar Village I
Jalan Telawi 1,
59100 Bangsar, KL.

For Reservations: +603 – 2282 3457

Note: I do not receive any form of compensation for publishing this post! Just giving some clues to those who may be looking for options.

Bangsar Village’s “Kids” for Kids” foundation & Supercars Charity Drive

Fast Cars. World-Class Fighters. Screaming Engines.

All these awaited visitors to Bangsar Village 1 as the first road show for the upcoming All Martial Arts Exhibition and Fight Nights on 30th and 31st Dec 2010 (only 7 days away!) – came to town.

JTCars net

BV charity drive-3