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30 Sep 2010

The Switch (2010) Movie – premier screening by Advertlets !

Here comes the most unexpected comedy ever conceived! ;-) Hilarious no? Join me for the movie then! I got tickets to giveaway!

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29 Sep 2010

Pork Burger – Brussels, Jaya One

I came here under the recommendation of a reliable foodie who knows her burgers. And I came here for the burger alone as I have never remembered food at Brussels to be memorable. So one can say this was a pretty straightfoward mission; get to Brussels, get a table, get my order fired & wait […]

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27 Sep 2010

Premium Jeans from The Jeans Bar KL – I’m rocking my Karl Kani!

I’ve been lucky to get acquianted with my very first pair of premium jeans recently… ..and it’s all thanks to this contest by The Jeans Bar Kuala Lumpur where I was one of the lucky winners!  :yahoo:

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25 Sep 2010

The Matterhorn Burger Challenge – Euro Deli Restaurant

The monstrous Matterhorn Burger at RM88++. The burger measures 22.9cm X 15.2cm – (9″X6″ ;) and consisted of 11 slices of Swiss cheese together with generous slices of tomatoes, gherkins, bacon, lettuce and a 1.5kg of pork patty topped with special burger sauce tucked in a homemade bun. 10 contenders took the challenge this morning at […]

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24 Sep 2010

pla dib @ The Heritage Village, Seri Kembangan

Once in a while, up pops an outlet that doesn’t churn out the dreary copy- cat dishes or fusion disasters. Naturally, such outlets immediately inspires hope, yet anxiety as well, “could it be a fluke?” , ” can the rest of the menu held up to expectations? “. Hence in bated breath I await for opportunities for subsequent […]

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22 Sep 2010

The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2010 Gala Launch @ Sunway Convention Centre

More than 2000 of the country’s who’s and who’s gathered in the Grand Ballroom of Sunway Convention Centre last night for the Gala Launch of one of Malaysia’s top culinary event – The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) . An annual event, which started from a humble beginning of a dozen establishments a decade ago […]

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