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28 Aug 2010

Annalakshmi Vegetarian Restaurant @ Brickfields

A potential explosive mood was soothed the moment I walked into Annalakshmi at Jalan Berhala, Brickfields. I very nearly gaped open-mouth in wonderment as I was ushered into the restaurant. Never had I expected that Annalakshmi to be such a posh; even at the point of being classy, restaurant. Soft indian prayers music played in […]

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24 Aug 2010

The Crocs Warehouse Sales is here again! 2nd to 5th Sept @ Ikano Power Centre

These coming weeks will be an exciting one for CROCS Malaysia! Firstly, the crazy Crocs sale is on again! Mark your calendars for 2nd to 5th Sept 2010, from 10am onwards. It will be @ Ikano Power Centre, on the 2nd floor. Come one come all! On top of the low prices, there will be […]

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23 Aug 2010

Andes BYO @ Aman Suria for Pork Burgers!

I love my burgers. I think that’s no secret for those who knows me & follow my blog ;-). However, I got a particular weakness for PORK burgers and would visit food outlets just for their pork burgers & nothing else. Andes BYO (Bring Your Own) at Aman Suria took over Pizza vs Satay earlier […]

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22 Aug 2010

LuxOnU @ Puchong – genuine luxury handbags at reasonable prices. Yes, REALLY.

Shopaholic (or bagaholics!) REJOICE!! The only thing you really really need to know about LuxOnU is the location. From the LDP, keep to your left after passing Neway + HSBC + IOI Boulevard. Turn left as soon as you can & you in the area! Just follow the map above, some maneuvering around & you […]

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19 Aug 2010

Nambawan Cafe, Taman Sri Manja, PJ – Another option for PORK burger!

Always on the look out for good pork burgers, it didn’t take much persuasion for me to seek this place out, especially after reading a few positive reviews from blogs. Unfortunately, the area completely eludes me. And Old Klang road is not a vicinity I would venture into voluntarily. GPS coordinates would have been helpful, […]

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17 Aug 2010

KL by Air – offering private flights over KL skies by Reuben Lim

In continuation from my previous post …we are now off ground & flying over KL! Now, why, you may ask, would anyone be interested to fly over KL skies & pay RM600 for it? Well, I dunno.. …how about the view?  The plane flew at approximately 1500 feet above sea level. Everything is clear & […]

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