Why always Carlsberg & Tiger? Do check out craft beers @Craft Brews, Mutiara Damansara!

My first visit here was at their “opening night for bloggers” back in Oct 2009.

I remembered enjoying the salted egg plants chips and the ribs. But someone ordered the burger & said it was mediocre. Well, I’m glad to say it’s much better NOW !

Anyhow, months later, I’m glad to be back & to see the crowd growing strong. Admittedly I didn’t think it would have lasted this long.

Then we sat down with Ben, the marketing whiz of Craft Brews, & as the night progressed, I could see why. Ben blew me away with his wealth of knowledge in beers, his passion in his job as well as his affability towards his customers.

Indeed admirable, for one do realised, if there is no passion in what you do, nothing worthy will materialise.

Both of us (me & UnkaLeong) enjoyed the session immensely; & I learnt so much. Dear Hsu Jen provided charming company. Thanks so much gal, for the invite!

Oh, by the way..this place is dog – friendly too! ;) Dogs lovers rejoice!

Craft Brews : The Food

Note: We started the night with some craft beers but since the post is not ready yet, I’ve decided to post on the food 1st.

Food arrived soon after the beers; which was a blessing because the alcohol was gnawing at my stomach linings.

A complimentary cup of piquant Minestrone – like soup started us off on the right note & set the precedence for the sinful array of food ahead.


My favourites :razz: were the Spiced sausages in bacon skins (RM18), Caramelized Roast Pork II (200g of siew yoke!! – RM16) and Crispy Bacon Streaks (RM14).

crispy bacon

Converse Star: Youth & Decay Photography by David Corio @ Zinc ArtSpace

Now, isn’t Converse more of a brand of sneakers?  Apparel too yes, but rock bands and photography?

A new initiative for 2010, Converse intends to ignite the Spark Creativity by getting people involved and engaged to “act”, to be inspired enough to create a unique and original piece of art. The global campaign celebrates everyday creatives and artists.

So hence The Converse Star: Youth & Decay Photography by David Corio.

converse Youth Decay

Ms Universe Malaysia – The Final 18 contestants

The top 18 finalist. The pageant week will start by the first week of May and the winner will be crowned on 15th of May 2010.

I would love to read your comments. For now I shall reserve mine :mrgreen:

Cassandra Santharay
23 years old

cassandra santharay

The Haute Food Co, Plaza Damas

My 1st visit didn’t got off to a very good start as we got lost though I followed the map on the website to the T.
So take my advice; forget the map.

A foolproof way would be to park in Hartamas Shopping Centre & to go to the 2nd floor where Starbucks is. Exit through the glass doors & you will see Aji Don Ramen. Proceed to the row behind it and turn right. Walk til the middle of the row, keeping a lookout for 2 big blue and white stripes umbrellas (which is quite obscure as well) on the opposite side. It is somewhere in the middle of the row.

Not familiar with HSC/Plaza Damas, we walked up & down the row a few times on our first visit. I would have hopped into other outlets (there’s quite a selection of eateries here) but the need to verify the claims of “best scones in Malaysia” and “superb sandwiches” had me obstinately thrudging up and down looking for The Haute Food Co.

Boy, was I glad when I finally spotted the entrance.

Kam Heong Duck – PJ Old Town – nite only

Come night time, this particular coffee shop which is famous for it’s Penang Hokkien Mee and Wan Tan Mee in the mornings is taken over by ONE stall – the Kam Heong Braised Duck. Do not expect roast ducks here, for they only sell the braised version with it’s carbo companions rice or porridge, & both best eaten with generous spoonfuls of flavoursome duck broth mixed in.

Open from 5pm onwards, this place fills up easily, and the crowd spills over to the side, front and it’s neighbouring shop’s walkway.

Duck - Kam Heong PJ1

While duck meat are generally expensive, our meal for 2 cost us only RM8!

We had a serving of tender, slightly gamey but tasty duck meat, with a plate of aromatic rice, which I liked since it was not too oily or clumpy plus the porridge which was,.. well..porridge (I’m not a fan ;) ).
I despise salted vegetables but I loved Kam Heong’s. It didn’t taste like salted vegetables at all! (which explains my zest :grin:  ). Plus point was the bits of lard mixed in. The gizzards & liver has soaked in the flavours imparted by the duck broth.  Even the chilli was worthy of mention, none of the sissified mix but with a bit of spicy kick.
All in all, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the rice & duck.

Duck - Kam Heong PJ3