Alice in Wonderland in 3D!!! (Media Screening)

To Advertlets bloggers!
We got tickets to give-away!!    WOooooooHooooOOOO!!!

Media screening too! Don’t play play!

It will be on 2 separate dates, one in KLCC & another in Mid Valley. Further details are as below. This premier is only for chosen Advertlets bloggers (which is why this is not on the Advertlets website) & places are on first come first served basis since there are only 10 seats for each venue.

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT (save my HP bill from sms-ing, TQ! ) if you are going & SPECIFY which venue -  KLCC or MID VALLEY. If there is no comment from you by Friday 26th Feb 2010, 12pm, I will assume that you are unavailable & will proceed to give way your allocated seat to someone else.

ALice Wonderland

KLCC Event

Venue: Melium Galleria, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC
Date: 1st March
* 4.15pm – Registration & Tea Party at Melium Galleria

* 5.30pm – Press Screening in 3D @ TGV Suria KLCC (Hall 5)

Mid Valley Event

Venue: Centre Court, Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall
Date: 10th March
* 3.30pm – Registration

* 4.00pm – The Opening

* 5.00pm – Tea Party

* 5.30pm – Movie Screening in 3D @ GSC

Chosen bloggers are:

1. Jason Ong mynjayz
2. Eewin Ee
3. Matkepoh
4. Chien Teng
5. Bryan LYT
6. JonYKT
7. FeeQ
8. Ellie Chee
9.  Amanda Choe
10. Eu veng
11. Belinda Chee
12. Rames Studio
13. Simon So
14. Justin Hee
15. Azrin Azziz
16. Smashpop
17. JeremyBboyrice
18. AugustineStyle

NOTE: Due to limited invites, we won’t be able to entertain any “+1 ”  ie; (spouses, father, mother, dog, etc).  Sorry.

See you guys there!! And yeah, do dress up for the tea party if you want to! ;)

Lastly,  (nagging aunty tone)  pleaseeee blog about it!  Opinions are entirely your own but don’t just post pics ok? Gimme a few paragraphs! Client happy, we get more movies ;)

Surabaya food in KL?? Got… in Dataran Sunway Mentari!

According to an Indonesian foodie, Selba, Indonesia food is an exciting, tongue teasing medley of flavours. Surabaya is East Java, with its cuisine predominantly salty/savoury, Yogyakarta is Central Java, usually sweeter on the palate while Bandung is West Java, neither sweet nor salty (huh?) & the ever famous Balinese food that we KL-ites have come to know of  (thanks to the same company that runs Ole Ole Bali, Bumbu Bali & The Waterlily – I call it unfair monopolisation! )  is spicy and pungent.

While I am still on the hunt for fellow foodies to try The Uma at The Strand (which is non-halal), I was alerted about a new restaurant in town. Some excited mentions on Twitter got my interest, and a further link send to my Facebook gave me all the details I need. Social Media, how would one live without it, especially now.  Heck, recently I have been hijacking recipes by copying someone’s tweets ;)

The restaurant was pretty easy to find, even for a directionally challenged individual like me.


In case you can’t read maps, it is located right in the middle of the row of the shop lots facing the Sunway Pyramid.

More food at Broga – pan mee & Ais kacang!

After gorging ourselves silly on wan tan mee & Ikan Bakar (previous post HERE ), amazingly some of us still have stomach space for more. Well, as much as I wanted to try the dry butter mantis prawn in Restaurant Ja Xiang, we didn’t think another heavy meal is a good idea.
With the sun beating on our backs, and tongues still on fire from the Super Spicy Chili Fish, I thought ABC is a more approprite alternative.

Like I said before, navigation in Broga town is very simple. On this same main street, I spied this little corner outlet en route to Broga Fish Recreational Park, and yes, the huge ‘ABC’ word got me hooked.

pan mee n ABC

It is just opposite the Broga Police Station. Seriously hard to miss. Anyhow, GPS coordinates provided below.

Broga Hill – The hike & the Food!

Broga Hill.

The whole trip was supposed to be about the hike up the hill, and the sunrise of course.

Well, for me Broga was more about the FOOD. And having heard so much about the “ikan bakar” after my last makan outing (Beggars Chicken in Ijok), I was just itching for any reason to go Broga. But before I can get my grubby hands on the fish, I had to actually hike up Broga Hill.. so here I am…

The sun rises really late these days. We only saw the first break of sun rays at 730am.


Food Review – Traffic D’light Cafe, Thus 25th Feb, 6pm

Hey hey fellow foodies/bloggers!

I’m co-organising with FeeQ on this food review session at Traffic D’light Cafe. (Thanks FeeQ for the invite!) ;)

Below are some details of the food review.

Venue: Dataran Pelangi Utama on the 1st floor right above Carrefour Express. GPS coordinates will be provided at a later date, once I drive over to get it on my garmin!

Time: 6pm SHARP!!! (I got no patience when I’m hungry ok!! )

Food to expect: Chinese/Oriental Dishes/Western. Desserts – Tong Shui, Ice blended coffees. Snacks.

Pics & details credited to (I think she is the only one who has blogged about it).



Salted egg pumpkin.

salted egg pumpkin

Milk Butter prawns.


Fried Mee.

fried mee

Milk Butter Chic Fillet.


Deep Fried mushrooms.

deep fried mushroom

Fried Rice with Calamari Rings.

calamari rings




Wintermelon & Longan.

wintermelon n longan

Raspberry syrup with longan.

Raspberry syrup with longan

Heck, we can even loh yee sang again! ;)

yee sang

The names below are the ones on the invite list. There is another 10 from FeeQ’s side.

If you see your name below, please leave a comment on whether you would be joining us or otherwise.

Hanie Hidayah
Jason Goh
Jason Ong
Rebecca Saw
Josh Lim
Ewin Ee
Ellie Chee
Eu Veng
Thong Kai
Jeremy BBoyrice
Justin Hee
Marcus De Silva

Malaysian Inline Hockey Tournament, 26th & 27th Feb 2010

Hello people!!

Leave a comment here if you are going. This is easier for me to keep track rather than on Twitter/ Advertlets email.

Suggestion needed, do you guys want to meet prior to the event for lunch or go yum cha after 3pm?

Time: 12pm.

Venue: The Sports Plaza, Lot 14, Jalan Bersatu, Section 13/4, Petaling Jaya.

Fee: FREE.