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30 Jan 2010

Bloggers’ Yee Sang @The Magic Wok, Damansara Jaya

Indeed the woks here wields some serious magic. How else could one explain the delicious dishes that appeared from the kitchen that night? One dish that got me hooked that night were the finger licking long ribs. It was absolutely addictive. The marinate thoroughly permeats the meat & the tender texture with the glorious soft […]

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27 Jan 2010

California Pizza Kitchen – KLCC

Alcohol is served all day. So we loosen our ties, threw off our jackets & sipped mojitos, pina coladas, margaritas, smoothies & rum + tequila with our salads, pasta & pizza, FOR LUNCH, on a weekday. Ahh.. if only this is a daily routine. California Pizza Kitchen in KLCC is Sg-based Golden Pillar Holdings only […]

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25 Jan 2010

Kitchen Creatures, Centrepoint – INVADED by bloggers!!

I like this place. And so does the other 20+odd bloggers, judging by the happy grins & noise we made that night. Honesty, direct, peppered with bits of wit, the Kitchen Creatures menu tells you as it is. You get what you pay for, you know exactly how much you gonna have to fork out […]

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23 Jan 2010

El Meson, Bangsar – mid week Lunch with the bloggers!!

The unbearable heat of the mid- day sun blazed down relentlessly & I hasten my pace towards El Meson on Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar. Well, I thought wryly, if I can’t siesta like the Spanish, at least I will dine like one. And the latter fact holds true if one dines at the warm, welcoming […]

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20 Jan 2010

Farni’s Nasi Kukus, Bukit Damansara – memang BEST!!

I’ve been blogging a post too many of pork.To the extent that a fellow blogger (Malay) asked me at a recent event; “Eh, can blog about something that I can eat ah? Don’t you eat Malay food?”. “Oh yes, I love Malay food! I eat Nasi Lemak almost every other day.” I replied. “Err.. NL […]

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18 Jan 2010

Bored of the ordinary? Try some beggars’ food!

Now RM212 isn’t exactly a beggar’s budget. But get together 9 fellow wacko beggars and it might just be 2 day’s begging work. Plus you’ll get a Saturday night out of boring civilization, good food & (depending on who you invite), an absolutely glorious MAD time out. The FAMOUS New Beggar’s Delicious Restaurant @IJOK. Where […]

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