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27 Nov 2009

O Gourmet, BSC & A Slice of Heaven

BSC’s latest swanky food hall opened just last Thurs but not with as much fanfare in comparison to Hutong in Lot 10. Pretty understandable I guess, since the concept ain’t entirely the same. Modelled after the food halls of Harrods or Selfridges, O Gourmet, BSC stocks a range of gourmet and unusual fine food items, […]

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26 Nov 2009

El Meson – at Telawi, Bangsar

A lot of newly opened food outlets and even food courts, (in the case of Hutong at Lot 10) have chosen to go non-halal lately. I’m not sure if that shows for anything, for I can only speculate: does that mean F&B proprietors may find the halal market actually negligible to their P&L? Anyhow, in […]

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23 Nov 2009

Burgers Galore IV: Pork Burger at Cristang, 8 Avenue

I seriously do not know what is so rave-worthy about this place. Either that, or I’m seriously one of the unfortunately few who went on a bad day. Since so many have had good experiences, I’m seriously in need of another visit. That, plus making sure this time not to order the ‘basics/original”. After all, […]

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22 Nov 2009

Rock & Roll like the Good Ol Happy Days!

Taipan. Subang. An area alien to me really. Too far & nothing intriguing there. Other than La Cucina which I have been trying to visit for months, Taipan remains an area pretty much as humdrum as it can get. And then I got an invite from Marian, about a new swanky diner opening in here, […]

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21 Nov 2009

Patisserie RUI – The Velvets

RM12.00 for 4, or RM3.50 each. Patisserie RUI’s signature Red Velvet cake – Valrhona Pure Cocoa Cake brushed with Felchlin 54% Dark Chocolate with Rui Signature Light Cream Cheese Frosting. While this may be RUI’s signature, it was the Lemon Velvet that got our vote. Bangsar-babe & myself preferred the lemony-slight tangy taste and I […]

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19 Nov 2009

MARU, Mt Kiara. 2-in-1 Jap & Korean. Truly Value for Moolah!

I remember reading a few posts on Venicia (in Bangsar Puteri) & Fiesta, Mont Kiara lately & subsequently leaving a remark to Sean about how it would be interesting to hunt those lesser known food outlets, cozily tucked away in condos. And by some crazy twist of events I found another gem of such praise-worthy […]

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