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31 Oct 2009

Departure Lounge, Aman Suria

Another short quick post since the weekend is here Come Friday, my thoughts will be on weekend morning runs & gym sessions followed by my favorite, American style brekkie, a far cry from the 5 days week of 2 slices of bread and soya, gobbled down while navigating traffic. My favourite is still The Pink […]

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29 Oct 2009

STROOPWAFELS in Malaysia!!

I first heard of “Stroopwafels” from wmw’s post and being a dessert-holic, as expected I got curious and did a little research on the internet. Apparently the closest place to Malaysia for your stash of this diabetic-inducing, glucose – high snack is in Hollandse Club, Singapore. Alas, my last trip to Singapore was somewhat rushed, […]

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26 Oct 2009

An Italian Evening of Food & Linguistics

I had a scrumptious Italian buffet at the weirdest place last week… Flaky apple tarts. I love these as the filling was not the jam-my & sticky kind, but purely stewed green apples; nicely moist and naturally sweet. My favourite, the Tiramisu, though a bit lacking in the coffee liqueur department while the shortcrust apple […]

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23 Oct 2009

Brekkie at Betty’s Midwest Kitchen

A quick and fast post this time since tomorrow is the weekend already. Also cos we only had one dish before I got distracted by the Sun paper and dragged Unka to hunt for the next location as featured in METRO ;p (this one is next next post ok!) Back to our brekkie; the picture […]

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21 Oct 2009

Betty’s MidWest Kitchen, Aman Suria

Aman Suria, an area alien to me until recent months, is suddenly such a delightful place. Less parking woes, decent pricing for food (with the exception of Kayu) and lotsa new outlets to try (at least for me) makes this area my current favourite food haunt. The Departure Lounge here is great for chilling out […]

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19 Oct 2009

Dubrovnik – Solaris, Mont Kiara – AGAIN!

Many thanks to Alice George Communications, I was part of a fun & large group of bloggers for a night of scrumptious Croatian food and stellar company, barely 2 weeks after my virginal visit. It was a gathering of old and new friends I would say, having the opportunity to make new acquittances with some […]

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