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26 Sep 2009

New Formosa Restaurant – SS2, PJ

I totally adore old establishments.. especially those which had been around for decades. Nothing bears a more solid testament than the years its been in operational .. and the fact that its food has appealed to both the old folks (then years ago; young.. ahem) and still satisfying the taste buds of the current generation. […]

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21 Sep 2009

Pneumonia is no fun

or any sickness for that matter. but pneumonia had rendered me bedridden for the last one weekand all I remembered was being shrouded in a haze of painthere was pain everywherea deep throbbing one in my head that was killing me!!!a sharp uncomfortable twinge in all my jointscramps in my tummy as wellandmy back aches […]

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12 Sep 2009

Buka Puasa at Bangsar Seafood Restaurant

you can hide or run on your stubby can try to put up a fightAct nasty if u wish Go ahead, flash your menacing claws at us Or plead and debate for your life But you know we are coming for you… We want you slathered, smothered & drowned in rich creamy butter.. Or […]

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05 Sep 2009

The Pak Ya Popia Power empire, The Mall, near PWTC

It was by sheer chance that I found this! Who would have thought… tucked in a little “run-down” food court (if this place can even qualify as a food court!) a roaring multi -million business exist (ok, fine, maybe a bit of an exaggeration here ;p) BUT DEFINITELY thousands of ringgit daily at the very […]

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02 Sep 2009

Pasar Ramadan – Kg Sg Penchala & TTDI

Had some time to spent with my best and closest friend since childhood last weekend, and both of us being gluttons, bonding & ‘us’ time is naturally spent over a meal or MEALS. In the spirit of Ramadan, she has decided to go on fast too, and both of us went Pasar Ramadan hopping in […]

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