Dinner at The Pink Sage

“Polenta was originally and still is a peasant food “…. & so it says on Wikipedia.

Sigh.. and I enjoyed the polenta the most in my RM45+ dish!


Creamy & screaming “carbs!!!”, I still licked the small bowl clean.
To allay my guilt, I asked the manager in charge if its fattening and helded my breath as I waited for his reply.

He (I think he is a new age ‘sensitive’ guy ;p ) looked at me and smiling broadly, assured me that it is a perfectly nutritious dish and they used minimal butter in its making. Yeahhh..riggghhttt.. ;p

Pretty dense, polenta tasted so much better than the common mash potato, albeit one might find the texture almost similar. The one that came with my BBQ ribs was smooth, very rich tasting and we detected fragrant bits of bacon amidst the mush.

Instead of attacking the ribs, I went for the corn muffins next.

Pink Sage dinner

The texture was unlike any other muffins as this one is way “grittier”. Probably a coarser grind of cornmeal was used? Or perhaps this was meant to be cornbread but made in the ordinary shape of muffins.
Nevertheless, I preferred these to the Kenny Rogers corn muffins that tasted very generic and ‘processed’.

The small serving of ‘salad’ at the side was really nice too. Tangy and sour, I really couldn’t remember whether it was onions or cabbage but it was seriously good.

Dining at The Pink Sage, do not miss ordering their smoothies if you are a fan of one (like moi). Theirs are really thick & not saccharine nightmarish sweet.


Our Starter of Caesar Salad. I must admit, was ordered cos I spied ‘poached’ egg on the menu ;p


But it was a darn good choice!
That was also the first time I stapled their yummy beef brisket. The dressing was tangy and creamy and while I wish there was more selection of greens other than boring lettuce, the generous slices of salmon and topping of shaved cheese made up for it.

Oh yeah, this was how our main looked like in its entirety.

bbq ribs

The ribs were sweet and sticky. Initial bites were fine but as I progressed, the ribs cooled & I found it to be a bit dry. Not dry in a bad way as in in-ediblely dry but it was certainly chewier.

Anyways, expert man-eater, err.. I meant meat-eater chided me & said that I should have started on the ribs while it was still hot, instead of stuffing my face with peasant food (case in example the polenta & corn muffins).
Ah well, I still prefer my chinese BBQ ribs with its layers of gelatinous fat. So I’m more of a pork belly girl than a pork rib girl. (do note that these are beef ribs)


Dear dining partner left no bone unturned, dry or otherwise.


Overall, I’m really glad that The Pink Sage is now open for dinner (til 10pm).
Service was very attentive and this is definitely a good choice if you are hankering for some good American grub!

Brekkie at The Pink Sage

A weekend doesn’t get any better than this.
A cool breezy morning, perfect for a stroll or in my case, a jog in the park, followed by a darn good brunch.

Yup, I’m easy to please ;)

Especially if you serve me these….

*Poke at ‘em yolk and let it flow baby...*


Rich tangy Hollandaise sauce rained over fresh smoked salmon and orbs of wobbly perfectly done poached eggs.

egg benedict

The Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon@ RM12.50 is awesomely good.
We mopped the plate clean with the French Village bread, soaking up with the Hollandaise sauce and the lava of runny yolks…aaahhhhhLovely.

egg benedict2

And here’s another shot, just to make sure that you know how freaking good this is ;p


Off to a good start, I eyed our order of The Stacked Breakfast (RM17.50 ) eagerly when it arrived.

Stacked breakfast

We chose lamb sausage (other options includes chicken & beef) and scrambled eggs (over sunny side up and hard boiled) and was mighty pleased with our choice.

Juicy & meaty, the perfectly seasoned lamb sausage (not too salty, yeah!) and soft scrambled eggs (albeit a little plain tasting) really hit the spot.

lamb sausage

The red beans was nicely stewed, soft, slightly mushy and sweet.
Fried at the perfect temperature, the gorgeous hash brown didn’t reek of grease & its outerior remained crispy all the way through our meal of 2 hours.

The highlight of the dish, for me, would be the beef brisket.
This is amazingly good, not fatty and yet both crispy & chewy. Definitely a better choice than a slice of fatty bacon.

Unka loved the mushrooms, done very minimalistic-ly (if there is such a word!), just with a dash of salt and sauteed in olive oil. Perfect to bring forth the earthy robust flavour of the funghi.

Hmmm… I’m positive that this was supposed to come with roast potatoes, but since the kitchen was busy that morning I didn’t press them for it.

beef brisket

Unka was hankering for the Meatballs Linguini the moment he saw it on the blackboard menu outside.

As it was a lunch item, we had to wait til it was 12pm before they could dish it out. Which was fine by us, as we heartily tucked away at our orders above.

Meat ball Linguinni

It certainly didn’t disappoint.
The sharp tangy sauce assured us this ain’t the bottled kind. The sauce clung gently to the perfectly al dente linguini and packs a full fresh flavour to the pasta. With 4 bouncy meatballs; all tender and raw-ish inside, this was splendid.
(note: Unka was really thirsty after polishing it off, which leads him to suspect that they might have been a little heavy handed on the seasoning)

What is brekkie without coffee.. Cappuccino, RM7.50 for Unka.


A great place for a meal, serving quality ingredients at reasonable pricing with ample parking and little traffic; which makes for a nice CHILLAX experience. We are definitely coming back!

ps: I had their signature cheese burger on my previous visit; which was marvellous as well and I can’t wait to staple their pancakes after reading raving reviews from AWOL !

The Pink Sage
12 Jalan Dang Wangi
GF Wisma RA
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2693 6000

Closed on Mondays.
Operational hours: 7am to 10pm

Potluck At Nigel’s

Fabulous food, crazy company and a rocking night of fun!

Of course, it won’t have been possible without our fantastic hosts… so to Allan and Nigel, Thank you so much!!

And since we were fed by foodies who knows where’s the best grub there is in KL, a baker who has his very own fan club & some very accomplished cooks… the food department certainly wasn’t lacking in taste, texture and colour!!

Feast your eyes……and eat your heart out!!! ;p

I totally dig the luscious Charsiew from Paramount Gardens by Ciki & Alilfatmonkey…

CHar Siew - Paramount GAlign Center

And we got pampered by Su of Delectable, who came lugging boxes of savoury pastries..

Savouries by Su

FBB and Bee sugarcoated us with the Pear & Ginger Upside Down cake and the mind-blowing BRANDY-soaked Spencer…as well as the Hummingbird cupcakes..and 3 pieces of Red Velvet..which disappeared so fast there wasn’t any pics! ;p

Not to fret though, these are order-able HERE!!

FBB Upside Down pear n ginger
the hummingbird
The Spencer by FBB

Pey Pey @Msiagirl – Her very own handmade (LITERALLY) dark chocolates !!

Pey Pey Choc

And more…

Clockwise from top..
Allan & Nigel – Home cooked Asian Pesto Spaghetti
Hairyberry – Moussaka, Lagsana & Pizza from Porta Romana
La Couple Toy – Bouncy Meatballs
Bangsar Babe – Potato & Egg Salad
Lemongrass and Bald Eagle – Ah Fatt fried chicken at Jln 14/48, Section 14, Petaling Jaya (opposite end of Ah Wah hokkien mee shop).

them otr varieties

Jun chan, the Cordon Bleu chef- sublime kobe-equivalent porky Siu Yoke (Roasted Pork) fr Wong Kee, Pudu, Jalan Nyonya.

Wong Kee Siew Yoke

Jonas & Hua – Really superb home-cooked Ma Poh Tofu & Cold Szechuan Chicken (sigh…really we really lucky or what??)

Cold Szechuan chic

Unkaleong & myself ta-paued the famous Loong Foong Roast Duck from PJ.. Sorry la..moi don’t cook and Unka is too lazy ;p

Loong Foong duck

Paprika of ravenousrabbit.blogspot.com & Hunky with their marvellous rendition of Thai Pomelo Salad with Chicken & Prawns. Get the recipe HERE!!

ps: FBB’s fav. I think he chomped half the bowl ;)

Pamelo and Prawn salad

And the people who made the night possible!!

the fun peeps!

Many thanks goes to The Devil Wears Prada for his Honey Sparkling Sea Coconut with Lime Mocktail!
A life saver since I don’t do alcohol. Most refreshing concoction!!

Kat, (Girl from Abu Dhabi) bought charsiew as well. By then I was too busy eating to bother with the camera. Chian Tyng also fed us delicious siu yoke.

For more on this fanta-balous night; blog hop to Ciki’s!

Vintage Bulgaria, Penang

I marveled at the decor and ambiance as I stepped in.


Such quaint interior and cosy cottage charm! Traditional artsy craft work and memorabilias dotted the walls, giving one a flitting glimpse into the cultural facade of Bulgaria, a country not much known by the world.

The mural on the wall by our table took my breath away. So beautiful and in such vivid gay colours too!


Bulgaria is a country of 110,993 sq km, which is apprx 1/3 of Malaysia & boasted of the population number of 7.5mil.
Located in the Balkan Peninsular, it borders Romania which is at its north, Serbia and Montenegro and Macedonia to the west and Greece and Turkey at the south.

Here, in our little Penang island, the owner’s efforts to recreate and revive the bucolic feel of a cosy Bulgarian home back in her home country is deeply reflected in the outlet.

The woodwork, the bricks, the layout and the setting is painstakingly designed and leaves one in no doubt of the authenticity of the place. You do feel as if you have been teleported into a cosy Bulgarian home back in time and in Bulgaria itself.


Rustic style interior rekindling the feel and vibes of an old Bulgarian home.


Bulgarians, alike its European counterparts, customarily indulge in wine with their meals. Here in Vintage Bulgaria, a wide selection of wine is stocked in their wine cellar for your drinking pleasure.
Have your wine with your meal, or opt for a relaxing time sitting at the bar either upstairs or downstairs (they got two!) if you are here just for a drink. Your choice.


Geographically, Bulgaria has large mountainous areas, fertile valleys, plains and a coastline of the Black Sea.
However, in a short conversation with the owner, my initial self-formed opinion that seafood would feature dominantly in Bulgarian cuisine was corrected. The sea, Silviya Georgieva explained, is too cold to provide much produce.
Their climate includes mild summers and cold, snowy winters. Its temperate climate provides the right growth conditions for a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits.

Its cuisine, is eastern European with Mediterrenean influence, and salads are predominant. Every meal customarily starts with greens. As it is a cuisine influenced with the Greek & Mediterranean, their salads consists of typical key ingredients of tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese and light dressings.

Meats are mostly roasted, grilled or oven baked. Their starch is provided for by the sides of potatoes & bread.

So one fine evening, we lucky group of Penang foodies congregate here for a night of gluttony, fun and comradeship.


Our 4th Penang Food Bloggers Gathering spurred into momentum with the first course of the most decadent seafood soup. (Not that the mushroom version were any less stellar, mind you)

An interesting mix of flaky fish meat and creamy based stock, it was very fresh and tasted of the sea. A must order, as it’s totally different from the common seafood bisque dished out at literally all western joints here!
If there’s a better seafood soup in our vicinity, I haven’t heard about it.

Their cream of mushroom is no wilt flower either.
Robust & wholesome, the chunky bits of mixed funghi with its smooth blend of well ratio-ed cream and stock was marvelous with the signature crusty ‘Vintage’ bread.


Almost 70% of us gluttons zeroed in on the Pork Knuckle (Bulgarian Pork Djolan) as our choice of main.
Rightfully so too, for the roasted arm was huge, with the mandatory gelatinous layer of fat, tender meat and crispy skin. What’s not to like??
One small vibe though, I personally felt that the flavour of the marination lacked full permeation into the inner parts of the meat & the accompanying gravy too sweet.
Nevertheless, I’m hard to please, so do ignore me ;)

Pork Knuckle!

This is how we foodies eat. Watch and learn.


Pork Knuckle Bone
Another perennial favourite of the night, The Bulgarian Platter – Mixed grill trio of kebapche, kyofte & karnatche (traditional recipe of in-house homemade Bulgarian sausages and succulent pork fillet) would render any carnivorous diner deliriously happy.

The pork fillet was soft and succulent and to me, this is mention-worthy as I find pork fillets commonly served at dining outlets to be tough and slightly chewy- dry due to overcooking.
This, however, was perfectly done!

platter of sausages

The meat ball was huge. Grinded not too finely, it packs the satisfaction of sinking one’s teeth into real meat, & promptly be rewarded with rich meat juices oozing into your mouth.
The 2 sausages was just as good, both different in taste, low in sodium and hearty with spices & herbs.
The boiled potatoes that came with the platter was deceivingly spicy (it sure didnt look it right?) and a fellow blogger claims his tongue felt numb after a bite! Hehe..

For the hell of me, I can’t fathom the reason I ordered chicken that night.
Anyhow, my Chicken Stroganov wasn’t as bad as it looks (hey, after the knuckle and the ribs, you would have second thoughts too ok!).

Chic Stroganov

Boneless chicken drumstick cut into strips, cooked with mushrooms, wine, cream, herb and spices, this is a good choice for light dining. Not too creamy, the smooth and tasty sauce, fused very well with the chicken.
And from the picture above, you can see that I have given the side of mash potato utmost attention. That’s simply cos it was divine!
Smoky roasted potato, mashed with its jacket and blended with gravy.
So delicious!

Baked Cod fish with creamy Mushroom Sauce.
Delicious moist and so so FRESH sweet, soft flakes of oily cod. I should have ordered this!!
I totally heart this but there wasn’t much to go around that night as many of us ordered the knuckles and the platter.


Plovdiv Ribs.
Not unlike our local tai chow BBQ ribs, these marvellous ladders of sweet, caramelized outers and tender inners was nicely done.

Pork Ribs

Each of the sides for the mains deserves mention too. The ubiquitous steam broccoli, carrot and cauliflower was done right, soft (not overcooked) and buttery.

I noticed there were 2 different mash of potato, one which is moist, but minus any gravy, with rich buttery aroma and another (which I preferred) mashed with onions and gravy, with its jacket on, providing me the satisfaction of nibbling on roast-y potato skin.

The piquant side of chutney-like mix of cucumber, carrot and onions plus a small serving of sourish coleslaw with corn provides the palate a refreshing diversion from the savoury meats.

Of course, a break in between course are a must and I couldn’t help taking a picture of the doors to the wash area ;p

Fancy adding some Bulgarian words to your vocab??


We bloggers are a lucky lot.

Courtesy of Dennie Yeap, of Winter Butterfly Homemade Cakes, we polished off a Strawberry Mousse Cheesecake, which was sublime with its moist cheesy sponge and fresh cream,

S'berry Mousse Cheesecake

an Oreo cheesecake which was REALLY rich and a Chocolate Brownie which I find to be a bit dry in texture but made up for its shortcoming with its decadent top layer of dark chocolate fudge.

Orea Cheese and Choc Cake

And yes, I repeat, we bloggers are a lucky lot.

Courtesy of Gelatissimo, we licked clean 5 tubs of gelato even before our desserts were served.
Thank you Mr Hong! The matcha gelato was fabulous!

Gelato by Gelatissimo

Bottom right pic above: Clockwise: Rum and Raisin, Matcha, Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake and Mango Sorbet.

After all that, our desserts were finally served.

Chocolate Soup.
This, to me was alike gourmet chocolate drink with ice cream. Think premier “milo” , as in richer, creamier and full bodied chocolate. Deliciously chilled & smooth.
My my my..even as a non-choc lover, I could have slurped up every drop of this!

choc soup

I ordered the Chocolate Creme Brulee, since I was curious .. “eggs and chocolate??”

Choc Creme Brule

The crackly caramelized surface hides the smooth and sublime eggy custard underneath.
I’m glad to report that this surpassed my expectations. It’s got the ideal ratio of eggs to chocolate where the taste of eggs and cream remains prominent to ascertain that it is indeed a creme brulee and yet with the flavour of chocolate still intact.
Scrumptious stuff!

And then there were camwhoring sessions..

The guy bloggers.

guy bloggers

Whose pics were taken by the girls photographers.

gals -phtographer

We girls bloggers, had our pic then taken by the guys of course. But sorry no pic for now. (Ok, could any of you guys forward me a pic of us gals please??? )

The cool and quiet Silviya Georgieva and her friendly outlet Manager of Vintage Bulgaria.

owner & mgr

Hats off to the kitchen that night for the preparation of the food. More often than not, during such events, I get my food served lukewarm or cold, mainly due to the meals being mass produced and re-heated just before serving.
That night, service was a tad slow yes, but I do appreciate that the food served didn’t taste like it was prepared hours ago!

What we had above was a set dinner created especially for that night. At RM40/pax, it was a steal for such superb food.
But of course, this is NOT all that they have!
Vintage Bulgaria does an expansive menu, with some interesting dishes that includes “parts” eg, livers and onion, gizzards in butter and veal tripe with mushrooms.
Barbitarians rejoice!!

As with most European influenced meals, cheese, cream, wine, mushrooms, herbs are prominent in the preparation of the dishes here.


Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar
(next to Ingolf’s Kneipe German Restaurant)
1-E, Jalan Sg Kelian
Tanjung Bungah
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +60-4-8981890

Business Hour : 12 pm to 12 midnight (last order at 10pm)

GPS Coordinates : N05 2753.9 E100 1732.8

Definitely worth a visit if you are in Penang..once you are done gorging yourself silly on Char Kuey Teow, Laksa and Chendol (& for some, Chee Cheong Fun) of course! ;p
I love the concept and the place is gorgeous!

Singapore – A gathering of foodies at Limon Restaurant

Brad (of ladyironchef.com) recently organised a food outing at this quaint restaurant which whips up cuisine from the rather intriguing marriage of Spanish and Thai.

Limon - interior and exterior

So on that faithful night, 30 of us turned up and gorged on a pre-set menu by Limon. Not knowing what to expect, as Thai-Spanish fusion is uncommon; almost unheard of rather, I was pretty excited and had my expectations set a wee high. After all, I’m in Singapore, famed for its mid to high end dining options.
I was darn sure that it would be a feast both to the palate and senses.

the starters

The opening course of soup, set on my table in a shooter glass & aptly named A Shot of Gazpacho con Vino Blanco did not manage to begin the night on a good note.
The traditional Spanish cold soup with a mild white wine twist had a funny raw aftertaste and the group of us struggled to make out whether it was carrot or pumpkin. However, we definitely detected white wine in it.
Perhaps I didn’t know how to appreciate such creation, I shrugged, & waited patiently for the next course to be served.

The free flow beverages that night were the Limon’s House special Sangria or Lemongrass mocktail, of which I chose the later since I don’t do alcohol.

* * *
After a sip, I asked for plain H2O. Ermm..do I still need to describe the drink for ya?

Ah, I guess not.

Gazpacho and Lemongrass Mocktail

The Combo Tapas came next.
Champinones con ajo: Sauteed garlic mushrooms with lemon sauce
Chorizo con curry verde: Spanish Bibao (Sausage) in Thai green curry sauce
Moo Curry: Pork & potato cubes pan-fried with red curry sauce, tomato sauce & red peppers

Limon - appetisers

The Moo Curry ended up to be chicken instead of pork as stated on the menu. (by the way, isn’t ‘moo’ supposed to be a cow??)
It was a very normal red curry dish, subpar even to our Malaysian hawker/food court versions.

I swore there was nary a drop of lemon zest in the mushroom and it is basically sauteed only in olive oil and garlic. The Spanish bibao (sausage/chorizo) with green curry is a match not meant to be made, cos simply put, it does not match!

Moving on, The Soup.
Tom Kha Gay, uhh.. I meant Guy: Classic Thai sour & mildly spiced coconut soup with chicken meat.

tom yum

Almost faintish from hunger by now since I could barely stomach the earlier cold soup and also cos the tapas was in such cute-sy portions, I was relieved to find that the soup was actually pretty appetizing.
The chicken cuts that came with it was another story all together. Just think hot soup and chunking the chicken pieces minus any seasoning into it for a few minutes and then serve. None of the soup’s robust flavour was in any way permeated into the meat. I strongly recommend that the chef to be sent for another crash course on cooking.

The mains took a while to be served.

Bacalao: Pan-fried blue cod fillet dressed in olive oil, black pepper, chopped red & green peppers & white wine tomato base sauce. Accompanied with boiled asparagus & mashed potatoes with sides of Gambas al ajillo de moda thai: King Prawns cooked with olive oil, lemongrass, garlic, black pepper, nameko mushroom, broccoli & basil leaf garnish, Som Tum: Mango and papaya strips in sour and spicy sauce, and Garlic fried spaghetti.

main - cod fish

The prawn passed. Fresh, crunchy and juicy.
The spaghetti was edible.
The mango salad was left untouched since I can’t take sour dishes.

The cod…what can I say.. Hmm

For one, it was very bland. Which was surprising, for I have expected the natural sweetness of the cod to come forth from its moist oily flesh.
Instead, it was alike eating plain boiled fish, devoid of any taste. The white wine tomato base sauce lacked body, and couldn’t elevate the dish. The texture of the fish was slightly rubbery too.

Tom Yum Paella (4 persons to 1).

Tom yam Seafood Paella

I admit this was the dish that I was counting on to salvage the dinner that night. After all, a bit of tom yam paste can often work wonders. The spices, the tamarind, the robust flavour. Could render any dish, especially a rice based one from boring to appealing.
Think Tom Yam fried rice or tom yam fried noodles, whether it is thin like vermicelli or wide like rice sheets (hor fun), one can’t mess up with tom yam paste… … or can you?

Well, yes you can. As per the dish here. Simply by not adding enough of it!
Or maybe, it is supposed to be so? Just a hint of tom yam? But but…it was so tasteless! Paella are meant to be flavourful aren’t they? With all the sea briny goodness taste no?

Even the seafood was ‘carelessly’ laid on top. I said ‘laid’ cos it was definitely not cooked together. They tasted like they were boiled and then piled on top of the rice after it was done.
It’s only saving grace?
The crispy, caramelized, toasted/charred bottom (like our local claypot chicken) rice bits & the seafood (mussels, salmon, squid, scallop and prawn) was fresh.

Dessert Combo:
Crema Catalana con frescas
Flourless Almond Lemon Cake
Lemongrass Jello Shot


The almond essence was overpowering in the cake, which can be a real put off especially if you are not a fan of almond.
The Crema Catalana tasted like creme brule and the mushy lemongrass jello was very strong and tasted weird to me.

The above set menu is at $32nett per person. Everything is done in sampling portions so that we got to try a variety of dishes.

Limon Restaurant
7 Purvis street #01-01
Tel: 02- 6333 9004

To get there: Alight at City Hall MRT station. Come out and walk towards Raffles Hotel. It’s two streets after Raffles.

Perhaps I had psyche myself up too much, having anticipating it to be more distinctive, as I thought the idea of marrying Spanish & Thai influence really innovative and with me being in Singapore and all, I had expected the food to excite my bored appetite and thrill my jaded tastebuds.

Too bad it wasn’t so. But nevertheless, it was a fun outing..as with all foodies gatherings and I hope to be back in Sg soon to discover more of what its legions of cafes and restaurants has to offer!

Arinco King, ION Orchard, Singapore

So is my RM50 Swiss roll justified??

Salt Caramel Roll. SGD18 + Tax SGD 1.80 = RM49.50.

Arinco King

A cottony lightweight Swiss roll; spread with a layer of caramel syrup with brittle caramelized bits, rolled up together with a thick layer of absolutely heavenly fresh whipped cream and lastly blanketed with the most awesome sticky sweet -salty combo of caramel syrup.

Desserts doesn’t get any better than this.


I couldn’t wait to have my first bite so I told the guy manning the counter to cut 2 slices of my roll on the spot for us before packing it.
Unexpectedly, he gave me 2 slices free instead and poured HOT caramel over it just before serving it to us. Thanking him profusely, I literally snatched the paper tray from him.

my 1st 2 slices..

Oh my, I could eat this everyday.. it is super-duper jaw dropping awesome!!
The cream was just insanely luscious and wonderfully smooth. I simply couldn’t get enough of it!
The vanilla sponge was ethereally light and cottony soft in texture, possibly airier than chiffon & definitely fluffier than the usual swiss rolls composition. I’m amazed just thinking of the technique or ingredients used to make it. You got to give credit to them Japs I tell you.

As with most desserts, it is sweet but what makes this a distinct winner was the salty finish that came with the caramel coating. I have never imagined sweet and salty to be paired so seamlessly in a dessert!

as good as it looks!

Packing my order.
The staff manning the counter was super busy but was intrigued seeing me snapping away busily at them that they would stop in mid action of whatever they were doing so I could get a better shot! Such friendly and nice people!

Arinco King

Utterly delicious Swiss Rolls. A must for desserts lovers if you are in Sg!

Arinco King
2 Orchard Turn
Ion Orchard Food Hall #B4-60