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29 Jul 2009

Genji, PJ Hilton

Think PJ Hilton is old, outdated and boring? Shame on you! (Well, err.. actually, I thought so too.. ) until one night I got re-educated.. Frat Mustard: “PJ Hilton sports a revamped night joint in the form of Uncle Chilli’s, & there are lots of ACTION here now. Really.” “See? Told ya there’s action.” ;p […]

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24 Jul 2009

Nasi Beringin, Kampung Baru

Remember when I said I was on the hunt for the 2 lone Nasi Beringin stalls in KL? Umm, yeah..that was like way back in April then…I know, I know..back log, back logs, back logggsss… The Nasi Beringin at Menara Bangsar was the absolute first experience I had eating Nasi Beringin. My question then was […]

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21 Jul 2009

JJ Swiss Rolls – IPOH

Always excited with NEW, innovative & novel creations, I was intrigued when I first read of these interesting swiss rolls from Ipoh. Hence, a recent trip to north had me coming back lugging a bag of almost 6 of them! I just couldn’t resist the funky combinations available. From the standard Pandan to the ingenious […]

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18 Jul 2009

The Season of Durians – Kafe Happy Meal

Durians…the notoriously odiferous famed fruit… You either love them or hate them with gusto… And being one of those who absolutely adores them, I’m always on look-out for new ways to satisfy my cravings and Kafe Happy Meal with its infamous durian inspired offerings has been on my radar for a while. Problem is, I […]

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13 Jul 2009

My TimeOut KL Food Crawl – The Pink Sage & The Marmalade

Now, I have known this place to exist ever since Boo blogged about it..& being a BIG lover of American breakfasts, it was immediately jotted down in my “to-eat” book (just like some other 100++ places ;p) . Yet, I only finally made it to this place last month, when TimeOut KL was giving away […]

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11 Jul 2009

Restoran Pik Wah (MABA House), Jalan Hang Jebat

29th June 2009. “Unplanned” dinner at Pik Wah, …& a celebration of a 42km achievement plus a birthday. I haven’t known this place to exist. And it wasn’t exactly easy to find either. While I thought it was housed in a “funny” location & unpopular, I later realized that it is apparently; quite an institution […]

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