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25 Jun 2009

Nasi Lemak – Warung SinarNor, Chan Sow Lin

On days when I’m early to work, with time to spare, (which is very rare).. I would drive around my office area.. and hunt for food. One morning I felt like roti canai, and parked myself in one of these make-shift stalls at the side of Jalan Dua, Chan Sow Lin & ordered myself a […]

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21 Jun 2009

My Pan Heong, Batu Caves Pig Out for RM17

Yeah yeah.. this place is probably blogged to death, but hey.. this post is for my Penang/Sg etc remind me to put this on the itinerary if you guys visit ok! While Batu Caves may sound to some like the other side of the world..good food has never deterred us foodies. So we gung-ho […]

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18 Jun 2009

Santini, Tropicana Mall

I haven’t had pizzas for a while..and was starting to crave for some.. which then reminded me of this long forgotten post.. In my humble opinion, there are only a few places worthy of me paying for pizza.. and Santini got my vote for being one of them. Especially if you dig wood fire ones..and […]

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16 Jun 2009

My Daily Obsession – BREAD!!!!

I’m soooo loving it!!! Banana Walnut – SGD2.95. Thick with generous bits of bananas and chunks of walnuts. Even the dough itself has strong taste of banana! Great toasted with cheese OR… it’s so good, you can even eat it on its own!! ;p Corn Loaf – SGD2.95. Very very fragrant..just with salted butter will […]

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12 Jun 2009

Under which tree???

Week 1: “Beckiieee…I found this great place!!! UNDER A TREE one..the assam fish head here is soo sooo good.. the sui tan is damn nice..all the dishes very niceee…” Week 2: “So becky.. you had the fish yet? No?? WHY?? I send you the address NOW must try.. you wont get bored eating it […]

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09 Jun 2009

Sweet Sour Thai & Sweet Heavenly Desserts ….

…makes a birthday celebration sweet and un-forgettable.. Look at these delectable babies…. & tell me you want them…. And it’s my pleasure to announce that these just heavenly desserts are now nearer to town… at their newest outlet in PJ.. So, for all my friends who has never heard of Epicure, Chef & Brew and […]

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