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27 Apr 2009

A new acquiantance – both of food and person

Another deary Monday was salvaged at the last hour of work by an unexpected invite for dinner. But … Venue: Unheard of place. Directions given: Vague. Turn left, car park, tabib cina (arghh?) and church. Road name? “dunno worrr.. ” Outlet? “dunno also…” Hmmm… Person inviting: Never met him before. Now that I come to […]

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26 Apr 2009

Krispy Kreme Media Launch

THE over- hyped, ultimate sugar-rush, one way ticket to diabetes-doom, blood sugar level soaring and calorie packed Krispy Kreme donut has finally graced our Malaysian shores! The “sneak preview” media launch was on Friday, 24th April 09 at their first outlet in Malaysia, Berjaya Times Square, while Monday, 27th April 09, would be their official […]

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21 Apr 2009

Penang Coconut Jelly coming to KL??!

Location? BANGSAR. Or at least that’s what Joel Jeyachandran, 24, MD of JOEZ Enterprise has planned. While the actual date is not set yet, he assured that we KL-ites will soon be able to savour his refreshing and unique creation. I have been dying to try this since I read about it in the star […]

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18 Apr 2009

What is better than Nasi Lemak?

Some say NASI BERINGIN. (Beringin….sounds soooo salacious no?) Just as the name suggest, its a dish that supposedly leaves you yearning for more. Think desire, longing, craving…or a little off the mark; obsession, infatuation, scandal… RM3.80. Crispy crackly skin (really good!), tender flesh and a well portioned piece. (Probably an A cup ;p)Nothing lavish, it […]

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15 Apr 2009

Chickened Out.

The best chicken rice in Klang Valley??? This is supposedly IT. According to voters of the AFA 2009 at least. As part of my gastronomic trail for the nominations of the AFA, we zoomed in on the chicken rice winner, since Abas was hankering for hainanese chicken rice after Sat night. Famished, and having […]

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14 Apr 2009

The FriedChillies Annual Foodsters’ Award 2009

The results are out! The battle for the title of being the BEST!!! in Klang Valley in each of these categories;Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Teow, Roti Canai, Laksa, Chicken Rice, Ramli Burger, Satay, Banana Leaf Rice, Crabs and even Kopitiam (Coffee Shop) has finally come to an end. Climaxing in an informal dinner with good […]

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