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25 Mar 2009

An African Dream

I dream of a better life, For me and my family, Where we won’t be judged by our colour, But rather by our abilities and character, And to be given due respect as any other humans deserve. These sentiments were echoed by all African friends I have, for all have tales to tell, of how […]

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18 Mar 2009

7, 8, 9

No, its not the counts of me doing sit-ups.. (though I really should be doing so for the amount of food I have been consuming lately… ;) Familiar? She is the force behind these… And just last Saturday myself and Ken was at one of her famous soirees, where a live Jazz band played amidst free-flowing […]

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14 Mar 2009

Milk for Nourishment…

Any fresher you’ll have got to squeeze it yourself ;p What, you may ask?? THIS! You would have thought we would be stuffed from all that hawker indulgence…yet en route to our homes, the 4 of us stopped at this stall. Where? Easy, at the Air Itam market. Just right opposite the famous AIR ITAM […]

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11 Mar 2009

Dinner – Pantai Timur Cafe, Paya Terubong – PENANG

After a very dismal snack of Tanjung Malim’s Yik Mun’s pau , we landed in Pg and headed straight for dinner at a place VERY highly recommended by Ken. Ahh… what is Penang if not for her hawker food…. Each one of us forked out RM30, left it in the middle of the table & […]

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05 Mar 2009

The Start of The Journey…

27th Feb 2009 We headed off to Pg, THE island of gluttony (very apt destination for a bunch of gluttons like us ;p) on a scorching Fri afternoon. Doubling up as a food trip, we planned to stop at a few places along the way, both while heading towards Pg and on the way back.. […]

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02 Mar 2009

Coca Restaurant, MORE than just steamboat…

One more “thai…” Yeah, after the sublime Tamarind Hill and all its “rustic-ness”.. it’s good ole Thai food again, this time at COca Restaurant, Subang Parade. The Marketing Mgr cum host – super cool and frank lady Andrea..& celeb bakers BigBoysOven. I like her, yup I really do.. a very unpretentious, astute lady who is […]

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