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25 Feb 2009

A Taste Boutique, Red Velvet Cake and Recipe

A break from all things savoury, I thought to introduce to you a new cupcake-tery in town. Ok, not literally “in town”, for the outlet is located in Putra Heights, Subang (* yeah..can visualise all of you going.. “where???” *), but fret-not, they have got a website, (with a map!) a blog, a stall in […]

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21 Feb 2009

Yut Kee, Jalan Dang Wangi

This place is sooo – femez.. all blogged about, has more than its share of fame in the blog sphere.. so should I even write a post about it? Well, what the heck..I’m going to anyways.. I wanted to try their food for eons (as with the other 1001 places I read about in all […]

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17 Feb 2009

The re-launch of Tamarind Hill Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

YOU can feel it in the air, right after you pass your car keys to the valet, the enveloping tranquility and calmness surrounding the stand-alone historic colonial house. It was alike being transported to another place and time, looking through a crystal ball down to below, seeing the mad-rush hour traffic of KL, yet remained […]

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08 Feb 2009

Penang Floggers Invited Review – Louis Cafe, Agryll Road – Penang

Forget expensive and over-rated dining outlets. This little gem of a place serves quality Italian & Westernised food at reasonable prices. Located at a less-congested area of Penang, yet easily accessible due to it’s proximity to town, there is NO reason for any Penangite not to give this charming outlet a shot. Parking is not […]

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04 Feb 2009

Air Flown Kolok Mee from Sarawak, ETA 2am, 4th Feb 09 Flight AK5219

Yess!!! My house mate is back from the Land of the Hornbills :0) And yes, that’s the amount of kolok mee he bought back, for TWO of us. 16 packs in total. That number also is because it was the most he could carry on top of all his other luggages! I get my bi-annual […]

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