Add pizzazz to your pizzas at Papa Johns, Berjaya Times Square

I have been aiming to chow their pizza way before it was due to open, always eyeing the big boards printing “Papa Johns – coming soon” everytime I drove past Times Square. As mentioned by J2Kfm, I agreed totally that Times Square needs to offer better dining options.

Papa John is supposedly the third largest take-out and delivery pizza restaurant chain in the United States, behind Pizza Hut and Dominoes.
With claims of fresh, never frozen dough, 100% mozzarella cheese and the litmus test of all pizzas – fresh natural sauce, how could a dough addicted foodie resist?
Plus the fact that it is a pizza chain, even offering deliveries ( from 1st Feb 09 onwards) I’ve really hope that they will upp-ed the fast food pizza market standards of which I am of opinion been dominated by Pizza Hut and Dominoes way too long.

Mexican Ole. RM11.20. 6″ pie.
With the signature pepperoncini peppers, which I observed is served with every pizza that comes out from the kitchen. Give it a bite and chew on it along with mouthful of pizza, and enjoy the burst of different flavours in your mouth; zesty and piquant, coupled with creamy and sweet from the cheese & tomato paste. Sure beats tabasco and chilli flakes!

Their pizzas comes in 6, 9 or 12″ diameters. Thin crust is only for the 9″.
Since we ordered a 6″, our only option was classic crust, which was not bad, for it gave me a chance to savour the self-acclaimed “fresh, never frozen dough”.

Toppings of tender grilled chicken bits, corn kennels, onions, tomatoes and spicy jalapeno peppers.

Dough-wise, it was soft, crispy at the sides, and yup, definitely un-refutedly fresh. Quality flour was evident and one could definitely taste the difference.
Toppings? Maybe it’s cos ours was a small piz, for I would have preferred MORE of the ingredients! Heh.. who wouldn’t :p
Still, it was good, for the the corn kernels lends a sweet and crunchy contrast to the tender and juicy chicken bits (I say bits as it was quite small), while all time one can taste the fresh sweet tomato paste base. I just couldn’t get enough it!
I saw some table asking for more of the sauce on the side in additional to their signature special garlic dipping sauce, which I find was great with fries and bread sticks.
Buttery with mild garlic flavour, it was a pleasing alternative to norm of BBQ, mayo based sauces.

Spicy Chicken Wings. On promo now, for RM5.50 instead of RM7.50 with any order of ala-carte pizza.

Nothing to wax lyrical about, for though it was good, it wasn’t exceptional.

We put their pasta dish to test as well. This is their cheese baked pasta, Seafood Deluxe – RM12.90.

Same cheese used, as well as the tomato base paste. 6-7 briny fresh prawns, tuna flakes and bits of crab stick. I personally felt that a heavier creamier sauce would have worked better for pasta dishes, for the light sauce was not flavourful enough when coating thick pasta like penne (you have choices of either spaghetti or penne) but it was still good nonetheless, having the thick cheese topping making up for it.

Not wanting to overstuff ourselves, for we were catching a movie All Well Ends Well 2009 (of which I’m of opinion that it was so-so only), we didn’t order more.
Their choices of pizzas may seem common with the likes of Hawaiian, Pepperoni & Cheese, etc but at the end of the day, the combination of well-prepared ingredients, superb dough and sauce made all the difference.
I find that the prices are reasonable, for a pizza starts at RM11.20 for a 6″, taking into account the quality of pizza served.

Cheery, bright interiors.

Outside, al-fresco dining.

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Good place for an inexpensive bite, with prices within the range of Carls Jr and Wendy’s, or maybe even cheaper than McD’s Properity Set (that leaves you feeling much less properous after ordering!) I noticed too that the inside seating area are full of families and foreigners all tucking in happily, which says a lot of this place.

Papa Johns

Tel: 603-2119 7272
Ground floor, Berjaya Times Square (you can’t miss it!)

Gong Hei FAttttttt Choy!!

Another year.. and of course..with wishes of better things to come than the last’s…. to all fellow bloggers, Gong hei Fatt Choy!!!
Best wishes to life, career, family and health!!!

I got more pics and food to share.. from my visits to Sid’s Pub (yesss..its many visits & it all goes into one/two posts!)
Though it’s definitely weird to be blogging about English food during CNY, I happened to be an orphan of circumstances, and have not gone back to Pg for CNY. So as of today 28th Jan, I have yet to yee sang or eaten any Chinese food, of which I’m sorely missing! Can’t wait for all those chinese hawkers centres to be open again!

Ok..enough of whining.. here’s the continuation from my post on Sid’s..

Finger food at Sids’ are pretty good, and you’ll normally see patrons ordering sides other than the customary pints of beer and Guinness Draught.
One of the few sides I have tried was Chicken in a Basket.. with the ab-solutely heavenly GARLIC Mayo, self proclaimed on the menu as the BEST in KL.. and so far I don’t see a reason to refute that!
I have no complains of the chicken strips itself, for it was nice and tender, but I did find the coating tasteless, of which Logan (Outlet Mgr) explained that it was supposedly so, and all the better to be eaten with the garlic mayo. Well, guess one can’t argue with that.

Had this as well, Bangers with Onions.
Basically pork sausages and onions, liberally doused with red chilli and pepper. It was REallyllyly spicy! The group of us thought it would have been better if the spiciness level was slightly toned down, for it masked the flavour of the sausages itself.
(sorry abt the pic, it was really dark and I had to use no pro with cams)

The rest below are on several separate trips…

On a blamy Sunday.. my first experience with Sunday Roast, complete with Yorkshire Pudding..

Came with 2 huge slabs of meat, done med-rare and served with separate gravy of brown sauce.. the steak retains all of its juicy goodness and was well worthy of its price of RM29++.

I have always wondered how does Yorkshire pudding tasted like, and was surprised to see this.

Looked like an egg-tart right? But since Sids’ serves Authentic English food, I guess this must be it then.
Taste-wise? It was plain actually, and since I had a pre-notion that puddings are supposed to be sweet, I wasn’t used to it.
Oh, yes, the Sunday Roast set came with a choice of soup and I chose this.
Carrot (something) Soup.
Eerrr.. disappointingly it was tasteless and really watery. Wonder what happened?

On a breezy Thursday evening.. feeling skittish & decided to go Scottish ;p – SCOTCH Eggs.
Again, it was my first’s.
Coated by a layer of porky goodness and deep fried, served with spicy mustard. The eggs itself has “borrowed” some of the flavour from the outer minced pork sausage with hint -of- pepper- concoction. Great with a pint.

I ordered a Tuna Nicoise as well, since the Scotch Eggs were meant for sharing.

Very generously loaded with tuna, of the briny kind, hence really healthy as no oil was present in the dish, especially since I asked for the dressing to be served separately.
Very fresh & crunchy. Too bad no cheese was added :(
The yellow cubes you see here are me excited for a while there, thinking it’s feta!

The sauce.. I think it was olive oil, mustard and vinegar..

On one scorching afternoon.. nothing beats a big meaty burger and cold beer to chill the nerves..
Sids’ Nevis Burger. I chose beef and added an additional topping of an egg (one can choose top-ons of cheese, double patties, onions and what-nots..)

Request was for the patty to be done med-rare of course. Juicy and thick, the homemade patty was very “dense” & compact, all meaty -packed and succulent.

I have always loved their soft, airy fries, and requested again for the garlic mayo ;p to go with it. Caramelised onions, runny egg, soft bun, thick slices of tomatoes and fresh lettuce made up one very satisfactory “bun”-dle of a burger!

Well, that’s all for now ;p
I spied a Negeri Sembilan cuisine place – Saleri Negro or something like that a few doors down. Someone told me it aint bad. Maybe next trip…

Now I’m going English… at Sids Pub in TTDI

Yes.. a break from all that Middle Eastern fare! I have been chowing down Mid Eastern cuisine still, but saving that for another post on another day ;p

On a different note: Jeez, the blog-sphere has sure been busy, for blogs updates are being posted faster than I can read!

This post will cover the different dishes I have stapled at Sid’s, which lately has been a regular haunt of mine.

The first trip to Sids’ was a continuous affair from the day out at Sunway after the Borneo Rainforest pre-dinner.
We had to sit at the bar as Sid’s takes no reservation, so coming in a big group we had to wait a while to get settled down.
Once seated, I immediately got down to business. ORDERING that’s it. Taking cue from her highness AWOL, I started off with this.

Blue Cheese mushroom. It was absolute divine. Really. You got to order this if you ever step into Sid’s.
Enough said.

Mushrooms cooked with garlic, white wine & cream, sprinkled w blue cheese…thick, sinful, rich, creamy.. needless to say, we polished the bowl clean with the bread (though I feel they should serve some thick hearty English bread instead of miserable wholemeal Gardenia, it just does’nt “gel” somehow..)

Another appetizer dish.. Pigs in a Blanket. Basically we ordered this based on the name..thought it sounded cute ;p

..and we found out the ‘blankets’ were strips of crispy fatty bacon. Pure porky – satisfaction, great with beer.

An attempt to go gourmet-y, I insisted on ordering the homemade chic liver pate with tangy tomato and plum chutney; especially since no one in the group knows what is it. Trust the foodie here, I asserted convincingly, though to be fair I did forewarned them that it’s an acquired taste, much like durians, you’re either hooked or otherwise.
Nevertheless, I managed to persuade each one of them to sample it when it was served.

Sadly, this was what was left to clear from the table at the end of the dinner. The kids didn’t like it, my friend’s parents can’t fathom what is it and I couldn’t finish it all. A delicacy that we didn’t know how to appreciate..

Truth to be told, I had better but I can’t remember where that was ;p
Another place I stapled pate was at The Apartment, KLCC and it came served with sweet caramelised onions, not plum and tomatoes chutney though.

Moving on, what’s English food without the classic pie right?
Since no one was in favour of kidneys ( I was lobbying for the Steak and Kidney pie..), we ordered the Beef and Onion pie.

With light flaky pastry and generous filling of finely minced beef stewed with onions, it was one really tasty pie. It came with the normal accompanying side serving of buttered veg of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and green peas. We were provided with made- from- scratch mushroom gravy which was served separately in a gravy bowl.

Ohhh… this was SUPER delicious.
THE BBQ Pork ribs.

The marinade was fully permeated into the tender meat, so good that it got us licking our fingers and ordering 2 portions more!

Yup, licked clean to the bone!

Pork Vindaloo.

Being Malaysian, I guess we just can’t do without our curries. Everyone was in favour of ordering this. Must be the combination of the exotic description of the dish plus the fact that it is pork!

While I would never order an Indian dish in an English pub, I must say it wasn’t bad, at least it didn’t taste like the curries we are accustomed to; it being sourish due to vinegar added in the dish. The lean pork tenderloin was tender but spiciness level was the sort that doesn’t hit you at once, but leave your stomach burning after a few bites.

I find the sides of rice and papadom as well as the “arf and arf” (= fries) [god, did I sound like a dog yelping there??] quite a weird combination. The kids ended up dipping the papadom into the blue cheese sauce of the mushroom dish and also the plum chutney from the pate dish!

Of course, Sid’s is famous for its tapped Guinness Draught, and is one of the 9 (or less) outlets in KL that has it.

Observing the bartender, I realized that every glass is tapped to 3-quarter full, and left to sit for 5 minutes before it is filled to the brim and served to the customer.

Logan, the outlet manager explains that it is so that the residue in the malt is settled and at the same time that actually enhance the taste (??) (or something like that, me not a drinker laa)..

Anyways, it’s a good place for food and to chill. Beware though, it does get pretty crowded on weekends.
Well, the owners got to be doing something right, for they are opening another outlet in Pantai Hillpark, just beside Pantai Panorama soon.

Oohh…there’s MORE of the salivating-inducing food.. Sid’s – PART II here!

Sid’s Pub
34, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
60000 KL
Tel: + 603-7727 7437

Flavour of the week – Middle Eastern Food!

Al- Marjan, KLCC – Lebanese & Persian.
Turkish Star, Bukit Bintang – Turkish
Damsyik Gate (previously Damacus Gate), Ampang – Syrian cuisine

Playing host is hard work. Seriously.

“So.. what do you want to do today?”
“anything la. You recommend.”

“What do you feel like eating?”
“Anything good to recommend?”

“Ok.. what cuisine then”
Ohh… maybe you can suggest?”

sighh.. and it goes on.
The best part is, after they ask YOU to recommend, they go eerrr.. I don’t really like chinese, i don’t fancy Jap either, and the best one “I can only eat halal food”. Arrgghhgh!!! There goes all the lip-smacking hawker food down the drain.
Darn, I’m a chinese food fanatic, a Jap food fan and fortunately, can chow anything in between.

But.. when your guest doesnt eat chinese or Jap, then it’s sanitised food outlets all the way. That’s half the fun gone. Cos I wanted them to taste our Malaysian TRUE food fare.

Ahh..well… can’t have it all your way.
So for one fussy Pakistani guest, its either North Indian or Middle Eastern food.

We started with posh KLCC, and since Bukhara kinda disappeared (err..does anyone know what happened?), we sauntered over to Al-Marjan, as it is the only Mid Eastern fare outlet available.

He was beaming when he saw the menu, and they had a buffet going too at the same time for RM49.90++ per pax (i think.. can’t really remember, better call to ask first ok? Don’t scream at me afterwards ;p) so we checked out the look of the food at the buffet line and concluded that the outlet is worth a shot.

Somehow we decided to go ala-carte, and since I remembered that most middle eastern dishes comes with big portion of rice, I went straight for the main course.

Kabsa Bi Dajaj = Chicken Kabsa. RM22.

Kabsa basically means fried rice. Or as per the menu, rice cooked in a skillet with rich piquant kabsa sauce concocted from tomato, garlic, lemon and hint of chilli.

He ordered this, which was recommended by the waiter as one of their signature dish.
Zereshk Polo Bc Morsh. RM22.

The moment I saw the barberries, pistachio, pomegranate seeds and the saffron rice, it reminded me of the heavenly meal I had at naab, another Iranian restaurant in Bukit Bintang but back then I wasn’t a blogger so no pics of it ;(
And this one here sadly couldn‘t match naab’s.

The chicken looked the same right? tasted the same. It was sweet though. Thank god it was at least tender. Still I was dissatisfied that it wasn’t as well marinated as it should be.
Since middle eastern dishes are rich in spices, I kinda expect the spices to be throughly infused into the meat. The outer part was alright, but once you work into the flesh nearer to the bone, it was like your regular “pak chim kai”. Tasteless.

Hence this fussy moi here had to request for some sauce. And they gave me this.
Chicken Curry. Ermm.. Lebanese style of course.

Not bad, but again, slightly sweet.
Really, I’m just to used to eating my curries spicy. For this lacked the kick I needed. Furthermore the chicken was sweetly-based. And the rice was also.
In the end they gave me Tabasco sauce. Yup, I doused my chicken in tabasco. Trust me, the combination DOESN’T work.

But hey, the food was fine, maybe it was just the Lebanese way right?
Still, the chicken needs to be further marinated to allow the flavour of whatever spices they used to permeat to the bone. Then it would have been perfect.

I wasn’t too sure why it is Lebanese -Persian/Iranian. Cos I saw another restaurant at the Chulan Square that says Hydramart – Lebanese/Yemeni cuisine.
So Lebanese does not have a cuisine to call its own?

Turkish Star – Bukit Bintang, KL
Anyways.. let me get on the next one. This was my New Year’s eve dinner. I know..crazy right, to be right smack in the mid of the choked Bukit Bintang area on such an evening. Given a choice I would be at home safe and sound and snuggled up with my pillow. Then again, I wasn’t given a choice. Jeez..

Initial plan was to eat at 8pm and leave the area by 10pm latest. Pakistani friend wanted KLCC fireworks. Urghh. Ok la, what to do, being host… Too bad I didn’t manage to meet J2Kfm since he was in that area that night ;p

They started us off with complimentary lime juice. Not bad, sweet and slightly sour. Top-ups are chargeable of course.

We were very hungry. Or rather, I was famished. Hence to cool down my “black” face, my friend quickly ordered this to appease my mood.

Hummus. Basically chickpeas blended and mixed with olive oil and salt, not forgetting the prerequisite tahini (sesame seed paste) of course.

Naan. Or bread. Whatever.

It was really thick. I don’t mind thick hearty breads but it was also cold, dry & hard. Not sure it is the Turkish way??

Still it disappeared fast. Though the hummus was forgettable. Still think naab’s the best. So, anyone to join me for naab’s?

Oh, just a warning – the service is kinda bad. The waiters hardly speaks English and they tend to disappear just as you are ready to order. It could be that we are sitting outside since my dining companions smokes. For I did noticed that the inner dining area was better “staffed”. LOl.

The Kl-Adena Kebap (I do not know whether it is wrong spelling or it is Turkish spelling ;p) so here’s the menu for your own intepretation. Haaha…

Taking that piece of bread off reveals this.
There was a small serving of oily rice, fragrant and tasty enough on its own, fries, some raw veg – tomatoes, lettuce, all on a bed of grilled onions heavily doused with pepper and oh not forgetting that grilled green chilli which was not spicy at all. To me at least.
But it was nice to chew on ;p
The kebab meat itself was richly blended with spices and very evidently only lean meat was used. I was pleased that it was tender and juicy. Went well with the rice and bread.

Actual Dish.

Let’s see.
Green chilli – check
Yogurt – check
Mutton – I saw the chef (yup, very turkish looking, young and well..not bad ;p) came out from the kitchen to carve it off from the kebab stand. It was very tender and well-marinated.

Butter bread – basically is the cubes you see underneath the slices of meat. Soaked in the sweet and slightly spicy gravy. I suspect that it was either fried or baked. It remains crispy if you eat it fast enough, otherwise it’s like the soggy fritters you normally get with rojak after it has soaked up the peanut sauce.

We tried the Turkish pizza also known as Lahmacun. (the other varieties were called “pide” and just this one is lahmacun. Not sure why, thought of asking the waiters but the communication barrier is just daunting so I didn’t bother)
Just I thought Middle Eastern food is hopelessly un-spicy, this one got my tongue burned.

Minced lamb, with loads of finely chopped veg and chilli/ spice paste generously splattered on top on thin crust bread. It taste nothing like the Italian pizza dough we are accustomed to so this is something different for a change.

Then there was smooth fragrant tea to “sloosh” away all the spices and oil from your intestines.

Which went very well with this. Strawberry Shisha.

Overall a good intro to Turkish food, distinctively different from Lebanese, Iranian and Syrian cuisine that I had so far. Will definitely come back for the other stuffs. Anyone anyone??

Turkish Star Restaurant
No 148, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL
Tel: )3 – 2144 3005

Damsyik Gate – Ampang (behind Korean Town). Previously was Damacus Gate.

I dined at Damacus Gate a year ago and was really blown away with their fluffy naans, richly flavorful and smooth hummus, heavenly moussaka, perfect fragrant and soft rice and absolutely juicy grilled meats.
Been there twice and it was as good. The setting was breathtaking then. Cooling gardens outside with sprouting fountains, tables for shisha and arabian decor..and the inner dining area was decked with comfortable Arab-ish long low sofa, low table and arm cushions, all at floor level.
Ideal for close friends that you won’t feel out of place to literally lounge around and lie back to relax, waiting to be served just like in a harem.

Sadly, Damsyik Gate in its place pales in comparison to its former glory.
Bought back by my memories of this place, I almost choked to see it again last week. It looked run-down and dinghy.
Still we were there already, and the co-owner who served us assured that the cook is still the same as Damacus Gate. That was the only thing that made me stayed. Other than the fact that my Pakistani friend was hungry and it was 4pm in the afternoon.
Nevertheless, the co-owner further explained that it is not officially opened yet, and will be in 4 days time. However, they do serve customers that comes by.

The only dining area available was outside, as the former inner dining is transformed into a grocery store selling Arabian spices, chutneys, sauces and etc. Great for those who’s attempting Arabian cooking at home.

Settling back to those low sofas I was telling you about, albeit dirtier and older looking, we found out that the menu is not printed yet (lol). Luckily, my friend is not as fussy as I am on food and gamely ordered their lamb kebab.

RM15. Definitely cheaper than most outlets.

I liked the vege that came with it. Lightly seasoned with yogurt and lime. As for the meat, it was ok for my friend, though I would rate it as a tad over-salty.
Since I was not impressed with the dish, we didn’t top-up our order and decided to give it another shot later once they are fully operational.
If it is true that the cook is the same, it should be worth another try. Soon. Soon.

Well, next on my list is Al-diafah, Naab and another Iranian restaurant I spied at Imbi. Meanwhile we switched to Pakistani food and North Indian cuisine for the time being ;p

Meat for kebabs are usually lean meat. Cuisine is healthier as most meats items are grilled or done kebab-like around the kebab turnaround gadget (for lack of a better term ;p)
However my friend said the people consumed quite a substantial amount of meat- lamb/beef (but not chicken) in their diet so that could be a catch-22 situation. They do eat geens, just that it’s normally blended into paste or in the form of fresh slices of tomatoes/cucumbers mixed with yogurt.
Spices are used abundantly, but doesn’t render the food spicy. More for flavouring. However, the spices supposedly have health benefits though he was unable to elaborate as he is not a foodie.
Bread is a big part of their staple diet and their bread is very healthy, using fresh wheat flour, etc, and always freshly made. Certainly no added chemicals and what-nots.

Well..that’s all for now.. got to zzzzzzz…….man..i miss my pork..BUT yes, I do dig Middle Eastern food too!

La Bodega, Pavillion

So sorry guys, for the longgggg hiatus from blogging.. I have been really busy baking cookies for sale and playing host to friends from HK, UK, Penang and Pakistan.

The best part is, I managed to try out many food places (having had to bring them around KL and of course they paid… hahahah) and now… me got a HUGE backlog of posts to share!

Though i would rather blog about the middle eastern fare I had recently or the really enjoyable Laotian meal I had at Indochine, I chose this to get myself warmed up again to blogging again ;p as this post would be pretty straightforward.. AND I REALLY did loveeeddd the pasta!

Vege Penne alla Pesto.

YES, IT IS green. You’re NOT getting a year older over the New Year and neither are you going colour-blind.

To me, it was delicioussss-ly green. For I like my greens.
(hhmmm.. a bit too much of the use of the word green here ;p).

But hey, going green is the new pink!

Anyways, it was an attempt to eat light after a whole week of celebrations you see; and from the menu, it said “grilled vege with penne”..
“Grilled veg.. hmmm.. I could do with some..” I thought.

Admittably, I did had a shock when it came looking all alien-green and was deliberating on whether I have made the right choice. Kinda hard to push the whole plate away and not eat it in front of your guest, though I must say it didn’t look too appetizing at first sight. LOL.

As usual food never fail to surprise me. I’m sure we have all been there – looks great but tasted bland, looked like a mess but was absolutely delightful in every mouthful. This fortunately, falls in the latter category.
It was really really good. And I mean really good. Heavily tossed in Olive oil, with the blend of greens which consist of basil, parsley and pinenuts (info courtesy of the chef), it was served with strips of grilled mushrooms, zuchinni slices, aubergines and tomatoes.
It was a dish that’s scrumptious although meatless. If being vegetarian means eating this, I don’t mind!
In short, I truly enjoyed it. Welcomed a pasta dish that is out-of the-ordinary.

My dining partners was less adventurous and the UK one ordered a tuna sandwich. Tuna sandwich??
The bread for the tuna sandwich was supposed to be a panini. Slap me but my mind register panini as 2 square piece of bread with criss-cross pattern on the top, courtesy of the panini press.
This one came looking like this.

Of which got me wondering “La Bodega can’t afford a proper panini press?”
Taste-wise? was…uummm..edible? Ok ok.. it was..errr.. ok la. Sorry, it was quite forgettable really..

Waldorf apple chicken sandwich.

Sounded interesting from the menu; green apples, walnut and chicken. Got my friend Karen hooked on the first sentence.
But was she hooked from the first bite?

Oh no. Sadly no. It wasn’t bad, mind you. But all F & B establishment should really really be mindful of their dishes that comes with nuts. Rancid nuts are a heavier turn-off then a man with sagging chest in a tight tee. SERIOUSLY.

I guess this dish made up for it in size, for the bun was a thick slab of dough, though a bit dry and hard in my opinion, but filled generously with chunks of chicken & green apple.

Let me get on with the drinks. Nothing much for me to blog about when you have dining partners who orders soft drinks in an establishment like this. *slap my forehead*.
But I ordered this – from London.

Liked the pic? (Half naked girl jumping over a bloke..real holiday drink. Just having it on my table makes me feel relaxed already ;p)
It is utterly preservative free, colouring free, sugar -free (darn, why can’t they just make it price-free? Hahaha)
Blood orange (whatever that means), ginger (yeahh!) and Manuka Honey.
Very refreshing. Tangy. Makes me feel like health -freak. Ha.

Dessert. Never miss ordering dessert. Ever. And the choice is Creme Brulee. Why? Cos it says on the menu “Spanish version…”
Ok, that’s it. Decided. Bring it on.

Smooth, rich and creamy but with a mild ginger aftertaste. Not sure is that the Spanish-ed part of it?
As I’m a fan of ginger, I’ve got no complains. Not sure about others. Don’t say you’re not warned.
However, as to the rules of how a creme brulee should be, I’ll say its got it. The top was crispy with the sugar nicely burnt and crystalised. The whole custard was not too sweet, though the burnt portion is. But that’s Creme Brulee for you.

It was overall an enjoyable meal. Been here for its tapas and the famous cheese burger before (that was before I blog so no pics) and it haven’t disappoint so far. But do avoid ordering the Spanish omelette, cos it’s basically thick egg omelette that you can fry at home.
Prices are reasonable and it’s a good place for people watching if you are sitting outside, as it is at the busy walkway of the Pavillion al-fresco dining boulevard.

Ok, that’s it! My first post of the year! Finally! So much later than all the other floggers! Hehee..

Still, I hope it’s not too late to wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!
Happy eating, blogging and great knowing all of you!