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28 Jan 2009

Add pizzazz to your pizzas at Papa Johns, Berjaya Times Square

I have been aiming to chow their pizza way before it was due to open, always eyeing the big boards printing “Papa Johns – coming soon” everytime I drove past Times Square. As mentioned by J2Kfm, I agreed totally that Times Square needs to offer better dining options. Papa John is supposedly the third largest […]

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27 Jan 2009

Gong Hei FAttttttt Choy!!

Another year.. and of course..with wishes of better things to come than the last’s…. to all fellow bloggers, Gong hei Fatt Choy!!! Best wishes to life, career, family and health!!! I got more pics and food to share.. from my visits to Sid’s Pub (yesss..its many visits & it all goes into one/two posts!) Though […]

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22 Jan 2009

Now I’m going English… at Sids Pub in TTDI

Yes.. a break from all that Middle Eastern fare! I have been chowing down Mid Eastern cuisine still, but saving that for another post on another day ;p On a different note: Jeez, the blog-sphere has sure been busy, for blogs updates are being posted faster than I can read! This post will cover the […]

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12 Jan 2009

Flavour of the week – Middle Eastern Food!

Al- Marjan, KLCC – Lebanese & Persian. Turkish Star, Bukit Bintang – Turkish Damsyik Gate (previously Damacus Gate), Ampang – Syrian cuisine Playing host is hard work. Seriously. “So.. what do you want to do today?” “anything la. You recommend.” “What do you feel like eating?” “Anything good to recommend?” “Ok.. what cuisine then” “Ohh… […]

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08 Jan 2009

La Bodega, Pavillion

So sorry guys, for the longgggg hiatus from blogging.. I have been really busy baking cookies for sale and playing host to friends from HK, UK, Penang and Pakistan. The best part is, I managed to try out many food places (having had to bring them around KL and of course they paid… hahahah) and […]

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