16 cafes in Melaka – WIFI, cakes, brunch, coffee, waffles & more

No, it is not my intention to add another click-bait article with a listing of cafes compiled using images from the public (most of the time without prior permission) to the online space.

For this post, I personally visited ALL the cafes and consumed the food & drinks you see here. I paid for my meals and all images are mine.
I wasn’t able to order everything from the menu, and thus I’ve kept my opinions of the food & beverages based on those I’ve had.

Information here are kept concise for easy reference; answering important considerations to cafe-hoppers such as the availability of WIFI, opening hours, food/only cakes are served, smokers-friendly (outdoor seating available or otherwise), halal and so on.

I welcome feedback to improve this listing as well as any recommendations of cafes to add to this list so do leave a comment or email me ([email protected])! 🙂
** I would also require accommodation in Melaka, so feel free to recommend a place for me to stay! 

NOTE: Listing in no particular order.

Click on the “+” sign for the full review and pictures.

1. Eat Canteen – Altitude Emporium
2. The Huskitory Cafe
3. Coffee Bear Cafe
4. Alley No. 5
5. Limau Limau Cafe
6. Kaya-Kaya Cafe
7. The Daily Fix
8. Locahouz
9. Eat @ 18
10. Nadeje
11. Backlane Coffee
12. Roots Patisserie
13. Plat Kitchen
14. Paddles and Beans Cafe
15. Todd's
16. Khaki's Coffee Bar

More cafes for my NEXT trip:
1. Calanthe Art Cafe
2. Grow Coffee
3. Nido Cafe
4. Grind Shack
5. Sted ABC
6. D’Retro Cafe
7. Hideout Cafe
8. D’Base Cafe
9. Chapter Two Coffee & Dessert
10. 2nd Floor Coffee House
11. Coffee Addict Studio and Cafe
12. Teddy Bear Cafe – Terminal Pahlawan
13. Cafe Bene – Terminal Pahlawan
14. Ola Lavanderia Cafe
15.  Baboon House
16. Mods – I wrote about them here –> Mods Cafe and more Melaka food but it was a while ago so it would be more appropriate to include them in this list once I’ve made a re-visit soon. 🙂

Other than cafe hopping, where are the good EATs in Melaka? This is my list -> where LOCALS eat –> HERE.  Enjoy! 😀
Accommodation: Since I’m from KL, I would need a place to stay – any recommendations? Hotels, AirBnb, homestays, etc.