12 Hours Food Marathon Buffet @ Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel – RM68++ only!

I had previously shared my experiences dining at The Atrium Cafe at the Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel HERE & HERE , and I could personally vouch that the spread here is the best value- for- money buffet in town.

However, recently Sunway had totally outdone themselves with the introduction of the amazing 12 Hours Food Marathon Buffet that runs every Sunday & public holidays from 11am to 11pm!
This is officially one buffet that you wouldn’t want to miss; imagine 12 hours of gorging on a smorgasbord of delicious food, and being able to take breaks in – between; yes you read right, you’re allowed to LEAVE the cafe, go out, leave Sunway Pyramid, go home, take a nap, splash in Sunway Lagoon, play some games at the extreme park, watch a movie..ANYTHING!
With this stamp, you will be allowed entry into the buffet area again & resume gluttony activities at any time you wish throughout the 12 hour duration.

2011-06-26 20.05.26

Oh, I know, being typical Malaysians you’re going to ask “So, is the food the same for 12 hours?” right?
Well, the answer is a resounding NO. Food for lunch (between 12-5pm) is almost 70% different (main courses – wise) from the food that were served earlier in the day.
Heck, I’m a typical Penangite, very kiam-siap (stingy, cost – conscious, tight-fisted, whatever you may call it) but I would pay RM68++ for this deal! It’s literally one whole day’s meals covered, coming up to only about RM10++ per meal.


Also, to demonstrate how one could stay in the vicinity of Sunway for the whole 12 hours & eat non-stop, a bunch of bloggers were invited for a full day out courtesy of Sunway Resorts & Hotel.


We started off with brunch at 12pm, followed by a “wantan” (prawn dumplings) challenge, where JonYKT, fresh from the Standard Chartered Marathon took the prize for gobbling down 23 wantans in 3 mins flat!

2011-06-26 12.06.16

Cheers to that skinny dude man! :P

2011-06-26 12.26.26

You can catch the eating action in this video!

And here’s me posing with the cauldron of 200 wantans!

Sunway Fd marathon

After the heart-stopping wantan gorging, we were given “Retail Therapy” time to go around the whole of Sunway Pyramid (which has HUNDREDS of retail outlets where you could buy almost anything under the sun!) and a complimentary half body massage by Mandara Spa.

Here’s some of the bloggers enjoying their massage….


and here’s me enjoying mine! :P

Sunway Fd marathon1

Heh, with a bit of shopping & a nice relaxing massage done, we are back in business! Eating business that’s it.

Round 2 commences for lunch, followed by the “Make your Own Sandwich & Eat as Many As You Can!” challenge. Seriously, this was one full day of gluttony through & through.

I do not know how they did it, stuffing ham, tuna, salmon into bread rolls & cramming the same rolls into their mouths…


Next on the itinerary was at the Sunway Extreme Park for a go-kart session!
The walk from The Atrium Cafe to the Extreme Park probably burned the calories of ONE bun but I was hungry by the time we reached the go-kart area & couldn’t wait to get back to the buffet! :P
Nevertheless, we all had fun flooring the accelerator on the track & some of the cheekier bloggers even “drifted” at the corners, causing the track marshalls to blow their whistles incessantly!


I was err… excited! ;p


All geared & ready to go!


The rest of us camwhored while waiting for our turn. Hehe… :P



Another group!


Once done, we headed back to The Atrium for tea!
It was about 5pm ++ then and we noticed that the staff was changing the buffet spread. New dishes took place of the ones in the earlier part of the day.

Yummy salted egg prawns.


Sweet & Sour Red Snapper.


Sautéed Beef Fillets with Onions..


All of us made a beeline for the desserts & fruits while I myself gobbled some ice kacang to cool down from the go-kart session while awaiting the next challenge – The Spicy Popiah Eating Contest!


2011-06-26 10.58.52

These spring rolls were evil! Made in the kitchen with the Chef’s special chilli sauce, each is supposedly tongue-numbing spicy.


And here we go..another bunch of spontaneous & cheeky bloggers all game to any challenges! I felt my stomach lining burn just watching them eat those blood red chilli spring rolls. .. *shudders*..

2011-06-26 17.26.53

And then it’s dinner time! Piping hot & fresh selection of food was ready at 6pm & we are all ever-ready to tuck in again. On that particular evening, there was a special section for Middle Eastern cuisine.
I love this stew of beans, carrots, peas & corns. Lovely to eat with some warm pita pockets!



Grilled chicken with Mediterranean spices.


Marinated fresh seafood with herbs & lemon.


Lamb in puff pastry.


Another delicious stew. Tomato-based with lots of small okras. Lovely again with the lebanese bread!




Deep fried Chicken wings.


And these lamb rolls were “new ” too (for the dinner spread)!.


As with the fresh oysters, prawns & mussels below!
Seriously, for RM68++, I do not see any reason to complain at all.


Our bloggers’ day out were FREE & EASY after the popiah eating competition & most of us stayed on & gorge ourselves silly til 11pm. Some went to watch a movie, some went home to shower & came back again for dinner/supper while others went for more retail therapy.

Here’s the rest of the pics of the food taken throughout the day! For more pictures of the spread you can expect from The Atrium Buffet, click HERE & HERE !

The Appetisers..

2011-06-26 10.59.35

2011-06-26 11.00.00

2011-06-26 11.00.21

2011-06-26 11.02.33

2011-06-26 11.02.47

Tender juicy lamb.


2011-06-26 11.02.58


2011-06-26 11.03.08

Freshly blanched cockles! Yummy!


Water Convolvulus, with chee cheong fun (rice rolls) & yong tau foo!


2011-06-26 11.01.54

Chicken Briyani.

2011-06-26 11.03.20

2011-06-26 11.03.32

Chicken in cream.



Smoked salmon. My favourite.





Chinese style black bean beef.


Flower crabs.



Assortments of bread rolls. The breads here are very good, especially the loaves variety which I forgot to take a picture! The sundried tomato loaf was wonderfully fragrant & soft, as with the muesli loaf as well.


The Atrium Marathon Buffet allows multiple entries & it’s priced at RM68++ per adult; 50% off for children < 12 years old.
12 hours of gluttony starts from 11a.m to 11p.m.
Note : prices quoted are subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax.
For reservations, call +60374951888, or email [email protected]. You can also find out more at the hotel’s website here.

Pictures taken with:
Samsung NX11

and the New Samsung Galaxy S II.