11 IPOH Best Chinese Restaurants (dai chou) – Sun Marpoh, Wong Koh Kee & more

I’m back with more of my Ipoh’s best food lists! 🙂

Short on the heels of my Ipoh Best Dim Sum list, today it is all about my quest in seeking out the best Chinese restaurants in Ipoh.
This whole compilation is possible thanks to Brian, an Ipoh-lang true and through with a discerning palate that I trust wholeheartedly.

With his input, the list below are outlets popularly known as “dai chow” or the family dining (chinese food, cook upon order, eat-with-rice and dishes, family sit-down dinner) type of restaurants.

I’ve personally tried 11 of them in Ipoh so far and you can be assured there will be more over the coming months.

As per my standard protocol, I paid for my food, all visits are incognito and the number of diners varies from 2 – 6 partners.

I’m open to suggestions/recommendations so do drop me a message here (under comments) or fb.com/wackybecki or fb.com/RebeccaSawBlog!


As of now, my personal preference for Ipoh’s best chinese restaurant goes to (1) Sun Marpoh, (2) Ipoman, (3) Restoran Makanan Laut Crab House, (4) Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain, (5) Yum Yum Restaurant Ipoh, (6) Restoran Makanan Laut Yam Yam.

To be frank, from the total of 11 restaurants that I’ve dined in, only O Cafe, Canning Garden and Choy Kee in Taman Ipoh were particularly disappointing.
The rest has its merits.

Anyhow my reviews are based on the dishes I had during my visit, so there are bound to be hits and misses.


Click on the “+” sign for the full review and pictures.

1. Ipohman Seafood Ipoh
2. Restoran Makanan Laut Crab House
3. Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain
4. Yum Yum Restaurant Ipoh
5. Wong Koh Kee
6. Sin Hup Kee
7. Restoran Cathay Ipoh
8. O Cafe, Canning Garden
9. Restoran Makanan Laut Choy Kee
10.Yam Yam Restaurant
11. Sun Mar Poh Restaurant


So there we go, 11 chinese restaurant in Ipoh!
There is no excuse for you to say “I do not know what to eat in Ipoh besides curry mee, kai si hor fun and dim sum” now!
Most of them are open for lunch and dinner and compared to KL, prices in these Ipoh restaurants are much cheaper.
Well, maybe not for the crabs, but overall yes! 🙂


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Part 11: Sun MarPoh Restaurant – (To be updated).

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